Getting In Shape For Lazy People

The First Step to a Healthier Lifestyle

Whether getting in shape is your resolution for 2018 or you want to feel healthier, there’s no time like now to get started. If you’re lazy, however, that first step is the hardest part and easy to avoid. The key phrase to remember when striving for better health is “one step at a time”.

1. One Step at a Time?

What does it mean to take a healthier lifestyle one step at a time? You could look at it as changing one habit at a time. Perhaps start by replacing your two colas a day with 1 diet cola and one water. These small steps will eventually add up to a change for the better. Keep reading for more ideas on how to be lazy yet healthy.

2. Food for Lazy People

Healthy eating for lazy people can sometimes seem overwhelming and challenging. We all like convenience and comfort food, but if you’re wanting to get into shape, try something different. However, you don’t have to make the extra effort. By skipping two bottles of soda every day, you can lose a pound each week without doing anything different. Other ideas include having a salad as a side dish instead of fries. Simple food swaps like this can make a massive difference without having a gym routine. (See also: 8 Fatty Foods for Your Healthy Meal)

Find Your Inspiration

If it’s hard to determine how to find a motivation to work out when you have a lazy lifestyle, you won’t find any judgment from other lazy folks like you! Being too lazy to work out is common. You can work on your laziness. So before you begin:

3. Decide Why You Want to be Healthier

Maybe you want to look like those beach waitresses in sexy lingerie. As much as most girls would like to look like that, chances are, it’s a practical reason. You may want to learn how to get motivated to exercise to live a longer life. You may want to be able to have more energy to play with the kids.

4. Decide What’s Meaningful to you

The best motivation to get fit is the motivation which is meaningful to you. Each person has their own reason to learn how to overcome laziness. So the answer to the statement of how to get motivated to work out is to simply decide why you want to work out in the first place. This will help keep you going when you really want to give up and binge Netflix.

Ways to Exercise Without Exercising

5. Take the Dog for a Walk

Your puppy will love to go for a stroll, and it’ll be good for both of you. A simple 20-minute walk around the neighborhood can help relieve stress and burn calories while being easy on the knees. Take your time! You don’t have to run or even walk at a fast pace when you’re getting started. Just move your body a little more. After a few weeks of these types of easy workouts, your body will crave the movement.

6. Take the Stairs

Do you have to go up a floor to get to your office? How about your favorite store in the mall? Exercise for lazy people can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

7. Park farther away from the store

Park towards the back, as if you were parking in the employee lot. Walk a little further to the store. This effectively gives you a workout without actually being a workout.

Other Ways to Work Out When You’re Lazy

Your guide to getting in shape doesn’t even necessarily require you to get out of bed. When your laziness is to the point of staying in bed, the idea of even going for a walk sounds like torture. So stay under the sheets and perform a few easy exercises.

8. Side Planks

Lay on one side and place that side’s arm on your bed. Lift your hips as high as possible, aiming towards the ceiling. Stretch your other arm as high as possible. Bring the hips down without touching the bed, bring your arm down, and return to your original position. Switch sides.

9. Reverse Crunch

To perform this lazy exercise in bed, simply lie on your back, arms to your sides. Touch your feet together so your legs resemble the shape of a diamond. Lift your feet in the air, and use your hips to lift your butt off of the bed. Lower the hips to the bed, keeping your feet in the air.

10. Yoga in Bed

Exercise motivation isn’t necessary just to stretch. Try getting on all fours and arch your back like a cat. Next, lower your back as if you were a cat stretching. Next, try stretching forward. Repeat stretching like this to help you find the motivation to start your day. (See also: 7 Ways Yoga Can Transform Your Life)

By taking it one step at a time and changing one habit at a time, you can slowly and comfortably improve your life. Start today by drinking some more water and a few less sodas or beers. Next week, do some bed exercises while still drinking the water. Two weeks from now, start taking the stairs. You see how easy this is? Now get out there and do it!

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