Modern Dating

There are a lot of problems people face while dating. Sometimes it feels that modern dating attracts more complaints. You can find here single ladies.

People often blame each other for being selfish and careless. Yep, a lot of people are selfish and a lot of people prefer a carefree relationship nowadays, but what lies beneath it all?

The main issues with modern dating are that people forgot how to share with their partners. Related.

How to share your love, your experiences, your time, and your life. Let’s have a more detailed look at this problem.

The Most Time Consuming Age

The 21st Century turned out to be one of the most time-consuming periods in the history of mankind.

A lot of relationships don’t have proper development because we always lack the time. The busy schedule almost doesn’t give you a chance to have a proper date where we can just sit and chat for enough time to get to know each other.

As a result, we sit and present ourselves in the best light, scraping off all the details that may give our prospective partner suspicions that he or she may need time to have a second thought about us.

We have lives full of events, but we don’t have enough time to share our thoughts with our partners.

Yes, we may take them to some parties, but we rarely have a deep conversation that allows exchanging your experiences. In the end, people come to our lives faceless and live them without a trace.

Social Network

Social networks caused a lack of intimacy in many couples. No, we are not talking about relationship statuses. Just think how often you post your thoughts on something?

You do it frequently. But how often do you share your thoughts with your partner? Oh, you don’t.

You don’t have to, as you can share your opinion with everybody on Facebook or Twitter, and sure your boyfriend or girlfriend will read your post or tweet, just like dozens, hundreds, or thousands of other people.

Although it is great, that’s the lack of informational intimacy between you. Do you share certain thoughts with your partner exclusively?

And by saying so, we mean typical verbal conversation, and not tagging him or her in your post, or posting something on your partner’s page. If not, then you are not really sharing anything with your partner.

Multiple Choice

Generally, we think that the multiple-choice is something good. Who would reject the possibility of having more options?

Still, the more variants you have the more difficult it is to make a decision. And that’s why you are not sharing with your partner.

Even being happy with someone in a relationship, we are not ready to open completely to your partner.

This happens because we constantly think that there is always a better variant, waiting behind the corner, who really deserves you sharing your life experience, thoughts, and opinions of him.

As a result, all of your relationships come crashing down, as you can’t say whether your partner is your best choice unless he/she can take you with all of your advantages and flaws.

About The Author:

Julia Clark is a journalist. She is the author of articles about different kinds of relationships between man and woman, about a healthy lifestyle and also about traveling. Writing is her biggest passion. Julia worked for 5 years as a writer and editor.

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