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There are a number of health benefits associated with enjoying a Thai massage and this ancient healing process has been using gentle pressure and proven stretching techniques for centuries as a way of relaxing your whole body and awakening your senses.

Enjoying a Jasmine Thai Massage is a different experience to the practices used by masseurs in the West and if you want to lower your stress levels and boost your energy levels it is a technique that can deliver a number of benefits.

Here are some key points to appreciate about Thai massage.

Lower your stress levels

One of the benefits attached to enjoying a Thai massage is that it should help lower your stress levels.

It should be pointed out that stress is not always a bad thing, as such, because it can actually work as a way to help you perform better and achieve new things in your personal and professional life.

The problem comes when your stress levels hit levels that begin to have a negative impact on your physical and mental wellbeing.

Thai massage techniques use gentle pressure and stretching manipulation to relax your body and bring your stress levels down to an acceptable level.

Feel like you have more energy

We all seem to live such hectic lives and it is not unusual to feel like you are running on empty with very low energy levels at certain points.

It is important to understand that Thai massage is based on the idea that you can improve your energy levels by targeting energy lines, otherwise known as Sen.

It is commonly believed that there are a number of Sen, or channels of energy, that can be accessed with a Thai massage.

The idea is that Sen corresponds to different components of your body such as bones and muscles, as well as nerves and blood. It is also believed that Sen can impact your mind and consciousness too. These are referred to as subtle channels.

Working on the theory that things like tight muscles can create blockages within different Sen in your body, which can reduce the flow of life energy, the massage you receive is aimed at clearing these blockages and improving the flow of energy again.

A source of relief for headaches

There are a number of people who suffer chronic tension headaches and many of us experience tension headaches from time to time.

There is a specific type of Thai massage that is aimed at relieving headaches by applying pressure to certain targeted energy channels in your body.

This form of Thai massage is known as court-type and if you suffer from headaches it could prove to be useful in providing some much-needed relief.

Enjoy better circulation

Another positive feature of Thai massage is that it utilizes stretches that are like yoga moves which are designed to improve circulation as well as bring your stress levels down at the same time.

One of the aims of a Thai massage is to encourage the circulation of both blood and lymph through the use of these gentle stretches.

If you can promote improved blood circulation there is also the added benefit that this action will have a positive impact on your somatosensory system. As this system plays a fundamental role with regard to your balance, it can help improve this aspect of your overall health profile.

Enjoy better mobility

If you partake in a Thai massage on a regular basis you should find that the regular stretching will give you a greater range of flexibility and motion.

Suffer from lower back pain?

Lower back pain is a common problem and if you suffer from chronic back pain you won’t need to be reminded how debilitating it can be.

A Thai massage could help you to contend with and alleviate the discomfort associated with lower back pain.

Help with Osteoarthritis

Thai massage can prove beneficial if you are suffering from Osteoarthritis, and the reason for this is the manipulation can provide an element of relief from the pain that you might be experiencing in your joints.

Your hands, lower back, knees, and neck are key areas of joint pain if you are suffering from Osteoarthritis and if you have a Thai massage, the manipulation of these joints could offer some noticeable relief.

The potential to improve immune functions

There are several ways to enjoy a Thai massage, either with or without the use of essential oils.

Although Thai massage can be performed as a dry massage, without the use of essential oils, if you use aroma or essential oils there is is the prospect of improving your immune functions on top of feeling more relaxed.

Using something like lavender oil, for instance, could help improve your anxiety and stress levels as well as providing a timely boost to your immune system.

As you can see, there are a number of potential benefits attached to having a Thai massage.

After you have had the massage it is likely that you will feel more relaxed than before, but you should also be mindful that your muscles have had a rigorous workout and will need a certain amount of time to be able to recover.

To enjoy the true benefit of a Thai massage it is suggested that you should aim to rest afterward and drink plenty of water too. It is also important that you pay attention to any messages that your body is sending you after such a workout, especially if you are experiencing any discomfort that lasts longer than it should.

This could be a situation where your Thai massage has helped identify an underlying health condition that needs an assessment from an appropriate healthcare provider.

Rest assured, a Thai massage should not normally cause you any pain or discomfort and is more likely to make you feel relaxed and energized, but if this is not the case, talk to your therapist about it.

Thai massage is associated with a number of health benefits, and for many of us, it can have a positive impact on your senses and your general feeling of wellbeing.

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