Gaining weight is easier and happens much faster than losing weight. This is a known fact that many overweight people can attest to. Unfortunately, gaining weight is bad for your body, and if you have a lot of excess weight, you are more likely to develop heart disease and diabetes. The pressure that the excess weight puts on your hips and knees may also contribute to the development of osteoarthritis. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases report that more than two in every three people that live in the United States are overweight and half of these individuals are obese. Overweight and obesity is a worldwide health concern that can reduce the lifespan of many individuals.

Luckily, losing weight is not impossible, but the majority of individuals who try to lose weight fail – or they succeed but end up gaining more weight than they lost. After doing a lot of research, Slate reports that it seems like diets simply do not work. For those who also find that dieting does not work for them, there is Phenocal. Phenocal is a specialized natural formula that is taken orally every day. The product includes ingredients that have gone through many clinical trials and medical studies – and they were all proven to effectively reduce weight, suppress hunger or boost energy levels. These factors can help a person lose weight more efficiently, and the boost in energy will also make them more likely to participate in physical exercises.

The Benefits Of Using Phenocal

There are thousands of different dieting supplements on the market. This makes it hard to choose one that will work – and to avoid wasting money. Unfortunately, many of these supplements are making false claims that people easily fall for. Phenocal, however, has been proven as the best weight loss supplement to provide an overweight individual the specific compounds they need to support their weight loss efforts. The product utilizes natural compounds to suppress the user’s appetite, which means they will not feel as hungry as they did before. By suppressing their appetite, the user will not be tempted to grab chocolate while shopping or to pick up a packet of potato chips between lunch and dinner. The product does not only act as an appetite suppressant but also increases the efficiency and speed of the user’s metabolism. This means the user will start to burn more calories while doing simple tasks, which will help them lose more weight. In addition to these factors, the product also enhances the user’s energy so that they feel up to the task when it comes to performing physical activities.


Is Phenocal Really Effective?

The effectiveness of a product always lies within the specific ingredients that are found in its formula. That is why we need to consider the ingredients of Phenocal and how they work. This information will provide a better overview of just how effective the product really is and whether or not it can work for you – even if you are not a fan of dieting. The primary ingredients that contribute to the main benefits of Phenocal includes:

Chromium Picolinate

This ingredient is a trace mineral that is usually not considered important, but actually, plays a vital role in the body. One of the major benefits of Chromium Picolinate is the fact that it balances blood sugar levels, which, according to Nutrition Express, is an excellent way to reduce cravings throughout the day. They also report that controlled blood sugar levels can make a weight loss program more effective.


Glucomannan is an effective weight loss ingredient that is often included as the only ingredient in weight loss supplements. This compound is a type of fiber that absorbs liquid in the stomach and then expands itself. When the compound expands in the stomach, the user feels full, which reduces their appetite. Authority Nutrition reports that Glucomannan has almost no calories and it can also improve a person’s satiety.

Hoodia Gordonii

This shrub is also one of the most popular weight loss ingredients found in natural supplements that can be used as part of a program to lose excess weight. The plant contains an active compound that is called P57. This compound acts as an appetite suppressant, which means the user will not overeat and they will be less keen on snacking on unhealthy foods while waiting for dinner time.


With overweight and obesity being a worldwide health concern, and causing an increase in the risk for certain diseases, it is important to take a look at yourself and know if you need to lose a few pounds. If you do, then chances are you have already tried a diet and it didn’t work for you. Phenocal is a product that may be of assistance as it combines ingredients that help you in various ways to lose weight – from increasing your metabolism to making you feel fuller for longer. Discover Garcinia Cambogia side effects.

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