Powerful Yoga Pose

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Here are some of the yoga techniques, which because of the particular pose, they adopt, become best workouts for weight loss.

Cobra like pose

In this pose, you have to stretch your body into a curve that resembles the curve of the snake. Lie down on the floor, with forehead facing the ground. Place your hands little above the chest, under the shoulders. Now try to lift the legs and feet on the toes, and the lift the arms, while hands placed on the ground. Stretch your shoulders and chest meanwhile to give your back the shape of the curve. This will stretch your belly and burn extra fat.

Dolphin pose

This dolphin like pose is actually pushups being performed in a dolphin-like a pose. For this, you stand on all four girdles of yours with your hips at topmost position and stretched. Then you put your forearms on the floor, keeping a handsome distance from shoulders. Now do pushups while keeping this position. This will stretch arm, thighs, spine along with stretching belly. So it provides strength to arms, thighs, and spine along with burning extra fat from belly and hips.

Wheel pose

This pose really helps you in burning extra fat, since this involves extreme stretching of belly and hips (the major fat storing areas). This pose makes this technique a good yoga for weight loss. For this, you first need to lie down straight on your back, and then try to get up in the same position i.e place your hands and feet on the ground, with a chest on the topmost position facing the sky. While doing this your knees must be bent. During this time inhale and exhale properly. This stretches your back ad belly simultaneously and hence helps in burning fats.

Warrior pose

This pose is an effective technique to burn fats and weight loss. This is relatively an easy exercise. For this, you need to try some simple things, which are as follows

  1. Standing upright
  2. Distancing both feet by 4 inches
  3. Raising and stretching arms in the air above head
  4. Positioning right leg like 90 degrees angle
  5. Moving left leg slightly in the same direction by keeping the stretch

Doing all these things in sequence, while maintaining the back straight and stretched for ten times in a day would help you in losing extra fat effectively.

Downward facing dog pose

If out of shape and overweight tummy is problematic, here you go for the solution with this style of yoga. This will not only, help in burning extra fat from the belly, but also provides enough strength to arms. This is very simple and easy to so exercise to burn fats. For this stand up firmly at first place, the place your hands on the floor with palm stretched out. While doing this, your face should be in a downward direction. Now stretch the legs and shoulders to the maximum, while keeping elbows and knees exactly straight far away from bending, and feet lined up with hands. Now inhale deeply and tightly, so that your navel may get on the verge of touching spine. Repeat this deep and tight inhaling process for about a minute. After a minute, let go the pose while breathing out gently. Repeat the process for 7 times with intervals of 15 seconds for best results.

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