Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid membrane which helps in cell cycle signal and mostly with apoptosis. It is active and will be with the inner side facing cell membrane by enzymes. This is will be against the normal property of the phospholipids which flips the heads. When a cell will be approached by apoptosis they will be moved to the cytosolic domain. This chemical will move to the outer surface and act as the signal. This is a chemical which is a supplement. Generally, human body takes it from foods but supplements are made from cow brains at once and now they are manufactured with cabbage or soy. This supplement Chemical is for different people for different purposes. It can be taken by Alzheimer’s disease or age-related disorder or for improving mental ability, depression, and stress and to improve athletic performance.


This is a negatively charged aminophospholipid which is a fat which makes up about 10% of fat cells in the body. This Chemical is present in every human cell of the body and may be around 60 grams in everybody. About half of the quantity is found in the brain. On an average, the intake of this supplement is about 130mgs through daily food. This can easily cross the blood-brain barrier. Then it binds with neurotransmitters and metabolites with the glucose. So that it helps in communicating between the brain cells. The neurons become rejuvenated and they will be able to receive and send the things faster. This supplement allows the brain to restore the supply to the brain. It also keeps the brain to produce more quantity of Dopamine and also the neurotransmitter.

Benefits for Brain

The chemical will work for the boosting of memory and overall cognition of brain. It helps in expansion of learning skills and increases the speed of the memory in many situations. This also helps in increasing the mental energy and increases focus and concentration. This supplement can be used as a long-term supplement and slow down aging on the brain. This can also be used for head trauma, or alcoholic use. This supplement Chemical can be used for treating ADD and ADHA including bipolar disorders. This supplement is really effective in reducing stress and anxiety. The chemical helps in increasing the Dopamine production and attention. The supplement has been tested and is safe as per clinical and toxicology tests. This is also compatible with many medications and they contain antacids and calcium blockers. The supplement can be used for heart diseases, high blood pressure, and many other medical conditions. This can be taken by any person as it is a safe supplement. The dosage which can be taken per day is about 100 to 400mg a day. These supplements have to be taken initially at a low dosage and then can be increased accordingly. These supplements were derived from bovine cortex and due to the risk of diseases, this is derived from Soy. This is safe when used in dosage of a small quantity of 200mg each day.

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