Brain supplements or smart drugs are becoming famous every day due to their supposed health effects.

Apparently, these smart drugs can, indeed, make you “smarter.” Unlike other mental improvement techniques or just eating plain kinds of fruits and vegetables, smart drugs are a “smart” combination of nutrients that apparently combine to make an effect that can impress even the most intelligent people out there.

However, our brain supplements really worth the attention you’re receiving?

Are they really things you should use? Here’s a complete list of information to help you get started.

Smart Drugs

Curious About Smart Drugs? Read On.

The pros and cons of brain supplements are varied, as what you need to know about them depends on the kind of purpose you want them to have for you. After all, you can use brain supplements for the sake of research, or as actual supplements.

However, do be advised that it’s best to consult a health professional before taking them, especially if you have special conditions and diseases.

Brain Supplements Pros: Why People Use Them

According to Psychology Today, a lot of people use smart drugs or brain-enhancing drugs for a variety of reasons. People who rely on these drugs tend to have different reasons for using them, but the people who commonly use them also have common “objectives,” as these are the praised benefits of smart drugs.

  1. Brain enhancing supplements appear to help people such as employees stay alert in order to perform high-pressure work. This helps them to stay competitive and remain quick-footed and react to various situations. As such, programmers, Wall Street bankers, and those working in Silicon Valley are prone to use drugs such as Provigil and Modafinil. Scientists have also admitted in a Nature piece that they use smart drugs outside non-medical purposes, as these help them increase concentration, memory, and focus.
  2. These drugs also appear to improve not only cognition but also the concentration of people even without sleep. This is evidenced in a Nature article, where it appears the United States military and other military groups around the world are in fact funding research to help military personnel stay sharper than ever, even without sleeping.
  3. Demanding requirements have also made people like students rely on brain enhancers and smart drugs in order to keep up with what they need to accomplish at school. Smart drugs such as Piracetam, Adderall, Modafinil, and Ritalin appear to allow students to study and perform without having to sleep, which allows them to cram for their examinations. Generic brands of Modafinil from India such as Modalert and Waklert have been gaining popularity in recent years. This is because prices per tab are sometimes lower than a cup of coffee.

Brain Supplements Cons: Not Always Smart

Unfortunately, the lack of proper research into brain supplements and its lack of exposure in the overall medical field has made a lot of its elements a bit mysterious for the common reader. This has made it hard to assess the validity of its benefits, as they have not been thoroughly tested in a wide variety of laboratory settings.

Here are some cons, or some “risks,” of smart drugs you may want to consider before taking them.

Smart Drugs Cons

  1. Brain enhancers may not be enhancing the brain at all, but confidence instead. Interestingly, there were studies involving people who use smart drugs that appear to not make any improvements at all, except that smart drugs make them “think” they are performing. In fact, some studies also show that some respondents reported “increased focus” regardless of taking a placebo or a drug, simply because they believe it’s a drug.
  2. There are still chances that smart drugs have side effects, which means they are not advisable to be used by everyone all the time. This means it’s a good idea to consult with a doctor or a medical professional as to just what you should be aware of should you plan on taking a particular drug.
  3. It’s important to get a prescription or medical advice not just so a doctor can get involved in the process of obtaining the smart drugs but to make sure you are taking a smart drug that can be handled your system. Some of these smart drugs can’t be taken with certain food or other drugs as well, as there are drug reactions that can occur when certain mixes of chemicals happen. Adverse side effects such as insomnia and deteriorated brain function are real threats when taking smart drugs to occur without careful consideration.
  4. Due to the potential of side effects, it’s not necessarily legal everywhere to buy smart drugs. Sometimes the drugs popularly pegged as smart drugs need prescriptions and official medical advice to be able to be acquired.


Smart drugs or brain supplements are becoming one of the more popular products in the market due to their supposed benefits. You can check the best anxiety supplements 2021 for herbal treatment of anxiety.

Although the subject of their efficiency is still up for debate due to a current lack of research from various experts, it’s undeniable that a lot of people are starting to check if brain supplements are indeed reliable sources of that mental “boost” you need.

Learning about the pros and cons of brain supplements can at least give you the kind of edge you need when choosing to use these products.

Remember to consult a professional before taking them, as your body may have conditions that wouldn’t allow you to use these supplements the way you hoped to use them.

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