Wooden Floors From Holiday Damage

If you’ve ever had family over during the holidays you know what that is like. You can just imagine the scenario, spills everywhere, children running in and out of the house and you working hard in the kitchen to make that scrumptious lunch. The good news is that your wooden floors are protected and well cared for. If you are in the midst of approaching holidays, here are some tips to protect your floors from damage.

Use a welcome mat, it is one of the best ways to stop the buildup of dust and dirt. The buildup of dirt can reduce the shiny appearance of wooden floors in Dubai. This kind of change can damage it further and leave the floors looking dull. It is highly recommended that a mat is used at the entrance of your home.

With so many people in your home, there is bound to be moving and shifting furniture. Chairs will be pulled up, pulled out and tables shifted around. If you can apply felt pads between the tables and chairs and the floor it will prevent scuff marks whenever the furniture needs to be moved. It is a quick and easy way to ensure there is minimal risk caused to your floors. (See also: Give an Artistic Look to Your Living Room with White Wooden Flooring)

How To Clean Wooden Floor

Clean your floors before they become too dirty. Do not wait for the dirt to build up. Cleaning and vacuuming your floors regularly will prevent damage and keep them looking new. Also, avoid using vinegar, oil soaps and polish when cleaning your wooden floors.

Entryways, hallways and the kitchen tend to be high-traffic areas. These are the areas that you expect to see a lot of wear and tear. Use a rug for each spot or some extra padding that will not only be comfortable but also absorb extra moisture. Additionally, it’s always best to place a barrier like rubber pads between the rug and the floor.

Not every homeowner wants to ask their guests to follow a no-shoe policy. While you can ask them politely to, some may feel awkward to make such a request. But, if you walk around without shoes there is no reason why your guests cannot. To make the situation less awkward, hang an engaging sign just as a reminder.

Many homeowners believe that floors should be cleaned after the holidays are over. While this makes sense, it is also better to get your wooden floors cleaned ahead of time. Having clean and well-maintained wood flooring in Dubai will ensure that the rest of the home looks just as clean as well.

Sustainable Flooring – The Benefits Of Wooden Floors 

Sustainable Flooring

Most people don’t want to consider sustainable flooring for their home because they think they will have to sacrifice on style. However, this is not the case at all. While choosing to the floor is a big decision, you can still have an aesthetically pleasing appearance and practical function at the same time.

Here are some important facts you should know about wood flooring before you make your flooring choice.

Wood is sustainable and is harvested according to set government regulations. This is a fact that many homeowners fail to realize but as a renewable resource, it has minimal impact on the environment.

In terms of manufacturing, wood production requires the least amount of energy. So many other floor coverings result in raw materials and chemicals being left-over and this can have a negative impact on the environment. Wood, on the other hand, wastes very little during production and in fact, sawdust and wood chips can be reused to produce composite products and paper.

With proper maintenance and care, wooden flooring in Dubai can last decades. It can be refinished, if needed, however, unlike carpets that may last ten years at the most, wooden floors are a long lasting flooring solution for your home. Generations of families can enjoy stunning and classic floors for years to come.

Health Benefit About Wooden Floors

There is a health benefit about wooden floors that homeowners may not be aware of.  It is good to remember that wooden floors in Dubai will improve air quality in your home. Wooden floors are hypoallergenic and will not trap mold, animal dander or dust. If you have family members who are prone to allergies, this is an effective flooring choice as it minimizes allergens and dust mites.

Wooden floors are reusable more than any other flooring material as it can be re-stained to compliment any design styles. Wooden floors are a sustainable choice that makes the environment a priority. It is a flooring material that will not only benefit current homeowners but future residents, as well.

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