STDs Without Having Sex

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STDs could become life-threatening if not diagnosed and treated at the time. Therefore gathering enough information about them is essential. STDs stands for Sexually Transmitted Diseases which make all think that sex is the only reason for getting an STD. However, the fact is half of the cases registered have happened due to reasons other than sex.

Some of the STDs like herpes, Chlamydia, hepatitis can occur even if you are not sexually involved with someone. Things that we consider safe like kissing, using used products like towels, eating contaminated food, sharing products could actually lead to getting an STD unknowingly.

In most of the cases, the person did not even know that he has an STD because he is not sexually involved. Therefore here we have come up with different ways other than sex which could transmit the virus and bacteria leading to getting an STD. These common ways with which people contract STD without having sex could be an eye-opener. So check them out!

  1. Kissing and fondling– Showing love to someone by kissing is one of the best gestures but at the same time could invite an STD. If the kiss is deep and intense and involves the exchange of saliva, you never know which bacteria and virus are making a way to your body. Herpes causing cold sores and mononucleosis are some of the major kissing diseases encountered by people. Puckering up is indeed a kind gesture but at the same time being cautious is also essential.
  2. Oral Sex– Although oral sex doesn’t involve the insertion of the penis into the vagina, still it may lead to getting STDs. The absence of direct contact of the genitals and penetration may make oral sex unreal, but it is still capable of transmitting such diseases. If the anus, penis, and vagina involved in oral sex are infected the chances of getting Chlamydia throat infection and oral herpes rises.
  3. Contaminated Food– Contaminated foods and drinks can spread hepatitis A. Ingesting fecal matter is the most common reason for getting this disease. Although no one would eat shit, it may contaminate food if you start making meals without washing your hands after using the washroom. It would infect all the people who intake that food and later may transmit it sexually. Therefore washing hands after every visit to the loo is important.
  4. Skin to skin contact– Getting intimate without doing sex and caressing the body although seems harmless but can get you certain infections. Herpes or HPV is the one which can enter your body through cuts or breaks in the skin. However, contracting the disease depends upon different factors like the level of infection and condition of the skin. If you have any wound or cut, the virus may enter and make your body its dwelling place.
  5. Indirect contact– There could be many objects that have been used by an infected person and not washed or sterilized. If you use used towels, handkerchiefs, toiletries, and related items the chances to get the infection rises. Sharing sheets and bedding with an infected person also elevates the chances. Hand to genital contact and using used sex toys could lead to getting trichomoniasis. Crabs and pubic lice can easily come your way if you share clothes with an infected person.
  6. Salons and Spa beds- No matter how safe and relaxing these places could be, if you really want to pamper yourself choose a place that maintains hygiene. These are some of the most unexpected places to get the infection. The local tanning salons are the places where the chances of getting Molluscum contagiosum are very high. It is a genital infection that can spread from skin to skin contact. Moreover, sharing contaminated tanning bedding, used accessories may also increase the likeliness of getting STD.
  7. Sharing shaving and piercing accessories– Accessories that come in contact with the skin directly can contract sexually transmitted diseases. Shaving accessories like razors, tattooing needles, piercing needles are some of the common items in the list. Since these products come in contact with the skin and blood, they may become a carrier of the disease and infect another person if used unwashed or unsterilized. HIV, hepatitis A, B and C, herpes can easily spread in this way.
  8. Blood transfusion– Transfusion of blood without proper screening could lead the receiver getting an infection as well. If the blood infected with HIV is transferred to a healthy person, he will also get HIV. Similarly, if a needle used on the infected patient is used to inject a healthy one, he will get the disease as well. This is the reason why blood banks test every unit of blood for HIV antibodies. Moreover, using a sterile needle and immediately dumping the used ones are important.

Wrapping up:

Sexually active people need to take special care to protect them from getting the infection. Sex with strangers unprotected sex and having multiple sexual partners are some of the common reasons why people get STDs. Other than these, the above-listed reasons are also found to cause-related diseases. Therefore it is highly crucial to have the complete know-how of sexually transmitted diseases and the reasons for their transmission.

If you suspect having an STD, taking the STD test as soon as possible is essential. It will help diagnose the problem, and you could overcome the infection before it becomes fatal. It is advised that both the sexually active partners must take the test. So make sure you double check the circumstances and only then proceed further. It will help you enjoy life and at the same time do not get any disease.

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