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Nowadays, everything is online. You can shop almost everything over the internet, but buying glasses online is not that easy & simple.

Buying a perfect frame online completely depends on your face shape and structure, your temple length, eye size, and bridge space. But fret not; we are sharing with you some important factors to consider while selecting the right glass frame that perfectly flatters your face shape and size.

Tips to Select Glasses Online

In this condensed guide, we unveil strategies to empower your clients in choosing eyewear that not only complements their style but also aligns with their visual needs.

Let’s decode the intricacies of virtual eyewear selection, ensuring your clients not only see clearly but do so with a touch of online savvy.

Know your frame size

With so many fascinating options and a variety of glasses available online, it’s a tough call to decide which frame to buy. But, you must consider the frame size that perfectly fits your face and looks accurate in proportion to features like nose and eyes.

Most of the online glasses website comes with a frame size guide that lets you choose the best-fitted frame for your face that also enhances your features.

Know your face shape

Before opting to select the perfect glasses online, you must know your face shape. It is crucial to know if have a round, oval, heart, and rectangle face shape to select and choose the lens frame that will suit your facial requirements and all the flatter it.

You must have an up-to-date eye prescription

If you are thinking of getting your frame online, then before making this decision, you should always have an up-to-date eye prescription.

Also, as per opticians and eye surgeons, it is said that regular and timely eye check-ups are a mandate to have a healthy pair of eyes.

For this reason, some of the online glasses websites offer this facility of getting your eyes tested by their opticians who visit your place at your convenience time to check you’re your eyes and provide you with a prescription that is verified by their expert opticians.

You must know the lens type

Depending on your eye requirements and health, you can select from single and multifocal lenses.

Multifocal lenses are the ones that have two or more than two eye corrective powers, while bifocal lenses are generally the ones which are having two corrective powers.

Also, the single types of lenses are commonly known as reading glasses.

Know about the lens material

Here, there is a huge variety of lens materials to choose from. Let’s know the types of lens material available in the market:

  • Plastic: The plastic lens material is by far the most commonly used lens material and is prescribed for all those people who have a light eye prescription that can go up to +/-1.75. These lenses are also one of the most economical and cheap choices of available glasses online.
  • Polycarbonate: The second most widely used option in the lens material section is polycarbonate. This type of lens material is impact-free and scratch-resistant and therefore is recommended for people with an active lifestyle. These lens materials are also safe and secure to be used in children’s glasses and frames and their prescriptions can go up to +/-4.00.
  • High Index 1.67: The other variety of lens material is the glasses for a high index of 1.67. These types of lenses are generally 45% lighter as compared to the plastic lens material and are recommended and prescribed to people who have a high prescription of +/-9.00. These lenses are usually a little expensive for the material used in the lenses.
  • High Index 1.74: The last & common variety of lens material is the high index 1.74. As per their material, these lenses are the lightest and thinnest as compared to the other lens materials. The high index lenses of 1.74 are always recommended to people with the highest eye prescriptions.

Know your lens treatment

However, most of the glasses online and lenses come up with features like scratch-resistant coating, edge polishing, and UV protection at no additional charges. But, if you wish to make your glasses sturdier and long-lasting, you can opt to select from the wide range of other lens options available online such as digital light protection, dura clear anti-reflective coating (AR), and transition lenses.

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