Many people often become discouraged when they can’t find the time to make it to the gym. This thinking often comes about because people believe that the gym is the only place where a good workout can be completed. While proper weightlifting and usage of the countless types of gym equipment can get you into great shape, it’s not the only way to do so.

bodyweight exercises

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There are many types of bodyweight exercises that can be completed within the confines of your home, all of which will work towards bettering your overall health and fitness. Some of these workouts will even kick your butt more than any other gym workout could, as their continuous dynamic exercises will ask for you to put in a serious amount of effort.

Here are some excellent at-home exercises to consider for the next time you’re landlocked within the house.

Glutes Workout

Sitting for long periods of time has been shown to deactivate the glutes. Being seated at-length from day-to-day can lead towards the weakening of the glutes, leading towards a flatter butt, and making future squats even more difficult. If you’re looking for the right kind of workout to sculpt your booty, consider FitnessBlender’s near 20-minute glute workout. This workout, which features a variety of squat, lunge, and leg-lift techniques, will work wonders for perfecting your rear, strengthening and shaping your pelvis and butt in no time. This workout is great for anyone who has found themselves wearing a knee band or knee sleeve, as it will help to strengthen and lengthen muscles in the hip, butt, and thigh.

Legs Workout

For anyone nursing knee pain and stuck at home because they’re worried about going to the gym while wearing either a knee band or knee sleeve, these in-home bodyweight exercises can help. By offering exercises that can keep down-and-out athletes active, all the while safely strengthening the muscles around the knee joint, they can work towards timely rehabilitation.

HASfit’s 35-minute leg workout provides a lengthy workout that you leave your legs burning, a reminder of what a great workout you just completed. Brendan Meyers’ calisthenics home leg workout is another great addition for anyone looking to strengthen and define their legs, offer dynamic exercises to improve agility, flexibility and overall strength. If you’re looking for etiquette on a form before starting these videos, consider perfecting your squat.

Abs Workout

Most all ab workouts can be completed at home, as weights are infrequently involved with ab exercises. Ab workouts often only call for you and a yoga/padded mat, so to protect your back, knees, and hands from the floor. GymRa’s 20-minute ab workout will leave you fatigued, waking up the following morning with some seriously sore abs. But even for the momentary soreness, you’ll start noticing results with some consistency.

Abs Workout

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Similarly, GymRa’s 10 Mid-Ab Exercises will help you to activate those hard to target muscles, further defining those six-pack abs with each and every completion of the workout.

Back Workout

Just like hip, butt, and lower-length strength working cumulatively to better all-around health, a strong and well-maintained back can improve your overall physical feeling. Poor posture, whether sitting or standing, can lead to serious health issues. Anabolic Alien’s 5-minute back workout offers an excellent bodyweight workout for those stuck at home, allowing them to strengthen the musculature in their back with just a few different exercises.

Chest Workout

With little more than a mat and some furniture, you can take a brief amount of time out of your day to complete killer chest workouts. Following these workouts, you’ll start noticing increased muscle definition in due time.

FitnessBlender’s 10-Minute Chest Workout offers a short-and-sweet workout that will leave you with a sore chest, shoulders, and upper arms, relying solely on bodyweight and plank-like exercises to boost your upper-body strength.

Chest Workout

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AlbyGonzalez’s upper, mid and lower chest workout will offer similar exercises to FitnessBlender’s, all applied in a different order and with some modifications. If you’re looking to change things up or want a back-to-back workout that will leave you feeling weak with fatigue, consider pairing these videos together.

Shoulder Workout

Shoulders are another often overlooked muscle group within the grouping of at-home workouts, but there are simple workouts that can leave you suffering from soreness. Anabolic Alien’s 5-minute shoulder workout offers you a killer at-home workout all without the need of any workout equipment. Similarly, since it requires no equipment, this can be done either while at home or on the go, whenever the option of a gym isn’t around. Consider implementing this after your gym workouts, too, as it makes for an excellent addendum to keep your upper body strength.

Cardio Workout

Rather than having to head out the door for a run or climbing on an elliptical for an hour at a time, you can enjoy the benefits of cardio right from within your home. Cardio workouts tend to be extremely beneficial for your heart (hence cardiovascular), but they just as easily provide workouts for the whole body.

Both FitnessBlender’s 37-minute cardio burn and HASfit’s 20-minute HIIT cardio workout

offer fantastic exercises to boost your overall cardio and physical health. HIIT — high-intensity interval training — keeps the body in constant motion, elevating your heart rate while you perform one dynamic exercise after another. These types of workouts will aim to strengthen your heart, lengthen/temper muscles and will burn a great number of calories. Similarly, they offer great, low-impact exercises for those currently donning knee sleeves, knee bands, or ankle braces, allowing for safe exercises that can still bolster all-around strength.

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