If you have keratoconus, you should know the best and natural ways to cure it. Keratoconus is a rare eye condition that causes your eye’s cornea to bulge or deteriorate.

There are many natural ways available to get rid of this condition. It is always helpful to treat every problem in its earlier stages because it will create further complications if the condition is left untreated. In this article, you will get to know the symptoms of keratoconus, and how kind of exercise and natural remedies you should do to deal with this problem. (See also: Are Yearly Eye Exams Really Needed?)


The symptomatic abnormalities are deterioration of your collagen fibers, membranes and cornea cells, protein synthesis and mitochondria swelling abnormalities. These kinds of alterations can take place within your cells.   Here are few symptoms:

  • Multiple images
  • Visual distortion
  • Worst night vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Glare from the lights


Major Causes

It is a well-known fact that your damaged cornea demonstrates the oxidation damage signs to your Bowman’s Layer. It is caused by many free radicals. These kinds of cells create an enzyme known as a leukocyte. It is a well-known antigen-related protein. If you want to know the major causes of keratoconus, keep on reading.

  • Allergies: Most of the keratoconus patients experience allergies. It may be one of the contributing factors to this condition.
  • Oxidative damage caused by the free radicals
  • Genetic disposition
  • Magnesium deficiencies

Many studies show that the alternations to your molecules and cells in your eyes with this condition are same as the alternations created by the magnesium deficiency. In case of stress, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, diuretics, pregnancy, and alcoholism, they are major causes of magnesium deficiency.  The low magnesium range can cause a thinning of elastic membranes. (See also: What Is It and What Are Some Anterior Blepharitis Treatment Options)

Useful Eye-Exercises

Some of the eye-exercises that can help you reduce the severity of keratoconus.  Here are few eye exercises:

  • Strengthening

It is a process of improving the entire visual acuity and getting relief from the myopia condition by simply revving your visual memory, reaction time and eye-tracking.

  • Focusing

The swaying exercises are a useful way to improve the overall focusing power of your eye muscles. If you want to get better relief from this eye condition, you can simply choose any object at a distance as your focal point.  After that, you can sway from face to face, concentrating the eyes on the object properly.

  • Palming

Both sensitivity and blurred vision occur in the initial stage of this condition. They developed from astigmatism created by the moving of your cornea from the round shape to cone shape.  The palming is a useful eye exercise that helps you to get rid of astigmatism.

The main function of this exercise is to reduce eye strain. To palm the eyes, you need to lie or sit comfortably and place the left and right palm over the left and right eye. You can relax and ensure that you do not see any seeping light for 5 to ten minutes. It is the right time when you breathe deeply.

Diet Tips


  • You can add the food items rich in many anti-oxidants to your daily diet. It includes sunflower seeds, apple, orange, banana, almond, yellow corn, eggs, brazil nuts, kale, spinach, carrots and more.
  • You can also try to acquire antioxidants from your foods like meats, nuts, vegetables, grains, and fruits


  • You can avoid consuming fried fruits, processed foods, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners and saturated fats.

Natural Remedies

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes frequently.
  • You should often wash your eyes with water every morning. It not only stimulates the blood flow in your eyes but also relieves the severe pressure.

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