Like any other sport, CrossFit has the essential equipment. For example, for us the gym fanatics, we understand how vital hand protection is during any workout session, and that’s where the CrossFit gloves come into play. Often, professionals say that the workout sessions should be exciting. So, I believe it is at this moment that most of us fail to notice their palms getting chafed.

Currently, the market has a variety of CrossFit gloves. However, the hard part is usually picking some gloves that suit your needs. Therefore, without going further, I will take a look at the best five gloves to help you with the decision and thus make your workout go with ease.

1. WODFitters Textured Leather Hand Grips

Typically, because of their simple design, these gloves may appear to favor the low-intensity exercises. However, this is not the case because they are designed for working out intensively. They feature two holes and two fingers design and a soft piece of leather. Additionally, they come with nicely crafted wrist wraps to safeguard your wrist during the sessions.

When choosing a pair of gloves, the grip is a significant factor to consider. As their name implies, the WODfitters Textured Leather Hand Grip offer quality grip because of their subtle texture. Therefore, with these gloves, be sure to perform any movements and get a good hold of the bar and safely.

When purchased, the gloves come with their special carrying pouch. Sounds fun? Yes, I know, as this means that your gloves will never tangle with other gym equipment in your bag. One thing that I find amazing about these gloves is that they can be hand washed without any damage.

Training Gloves with wrist support

2. Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves with wrist support

If you’re a gym enthusiast, probably, you have come across these fantastic gloves. So, you can agree with me that they are a perfect choice for any workout. First, the gloves ensure that your hand’s safety is kept to the maximum. They are made of neoprene which ensures that they remain dry and thus prevent grip issues. Besides, they are strengthened with leather and a silicone layer. Therefore, with them, be sure to say goodbye to calluses.

At first, I thought that the gloves were bulky because of the many layers, but I can assure you they are not. They are light and comfortable. They come with an adjustable Velcro closure which makes them extra unique. You should know that these gloves can also be washed without damaging them.

3. Gym Paws Leather Weightlifting Grips

The first time I laid my eyes on these gym gloves, I found myself laughing. First, I thought they were confused with the kitchen gloves. It is until I used them for the regular weightlifting sessions that I realized how perfect they were for any work out that required a tight grip.

On Amazon, this pair has over 1000 reviews, and this means that it is recognized well in the market today. These particular gloves are lightweight and comfortable to put on and remove and thus can make our workout easy. They also last longer because of the leather material and hence worth your dollars. Although they have no wrist support, these gloves ensure maximum protection of your palm as opposed to the other gloves.

4. Cross Training Gloves by ProFitness

Like the company name, these gloves are designed to endure all sought of gym sessions. Their neoprene cover is padded with silicone and which allows one’s palms to breathe hence reducing sweating which can otherwise ruin a good activity.

When it comes to grip, these gloves are among the best. The subtle texture of the glove makes them great equipment for heavy weight lifting and other gym activities. Their palm support is impressive as they come with an adjustable Velcro closure. These gloves are non-leather material but can last longer. They can be washed by machine without any problem hence making it easy for individuals who don’t enjoy the hand washing assignment.

5. Emerge Pull-up Grips

Many individuals believe that these gloves are an advanced version of the WoDies 2 in 1 because of their closeness in design. However, I can assure that this is not the case, the two are different. In fact, they are cheaper. One thing that I find interesting about these grips is that they can be used by even individuals who don’t like CrossFit.

The grips offer a firm clasp. Besides, they provide enough wrist support. For those of us who experience tear right where the fingers start and above the palm, these are the gloves to acquire. One thing that I find interesting about these gloves is that they come in black and pink color only. I believe it is a sense of fashion.


Every sport requires equipment. There is nothing that feels amazing than having the correct gym equipment. They make the sessions enjoyable and safe. CrossFit gloves help much in preventing hand tears which are painful. In the article, I have provided you with some of the best CrossFit gloves on the market today. Therefore, analyze for yourself and pick one that suits your needs better.


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