Benefits of Microdosing Ca

In the United States, state law regulating the use of marijuana is beginning to relax in favor of both medical and recreational use. Today there are several different ways of consuming cannabis products.

While some prefer more traditional intake methods (i.e., smoking a joint) that deliver a potent amount of THC, microdosing is fast becoming a preferred intake delivery system for those who want the benefits of CBD (short for cannabidiol) without the head rush of psychoactive effects.

Microdosing CBD is the manner in which the consumption of small amounts of CBD reacts with one’s body.

It can enhance cognitive function without going overboard. The idea is that one takes a low dose of the good stuff to confer enough of a benefit without necessarily getting high or stoned.

On the one hand, a low dosage amount is unlikely to produce a head rush, but it will be enough to gently calm one’s nerves and promote a sense of well-being that carries on into the day.

For those new to consuming CBD products, microdosing is the perfect intake delivery system for anyone looking to assess whether or not they respond positively to enhancing one’s mood. There are known benefits to microdosing CBD, such as moderate pain relief or as a sleeping aid.

There are different ways to ingest CBD, each one conferring its own set of benefits and setbacks. Continue reading below to learn more about microdosing CBD products.

CBD Benefits

Traditionally, patients in need of pain relief see their primary care physician for prescription drugs.

However, with rates of addiction increasing with the use of products like Vicodin or OxyContin, some people are now considering microdosing CBD to treat psychiatric conditions like pain relief, stress, depression, anxiety, or even as a sleep aid.

Here are some other benefits from microdosing CBD:

  • Can help avoid unpleasant side effects (i.e., intense anxiety or paranoia)
  • Can be a welcome respite if experiencing a headache or migraine
  • Small doses provide a more subtle, but relaxing, form of healing respite
  • Allows for more controlled ingestion versus smoking cannabis
  • Doesn’t irritate the throat the way traditional smoking might
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil for sale, like tinctures, are all-natural
  • Growing medical studies suggest the potential for CBD to treat health conditions
  • Anecdotally, CBD consumption appears to help unlock one’s creativity

Intake Methods

The method in which one microdoses can vary between people, some being a bit more effective than other methods. As stated earlier, smoking or even vaping are commonly used options.

There are different methods at one’s disposal, however, including tinctures, edibles, or even a cream rubbed into the skin. Each method of intake has its benefits over traditional smoking.

One significant benefit to microdosing CBD is that it allows for a more controlled dose in a way that smoking or consuming edibles doesn’t necessarily allow.

There are also several methods in which one can microdose, including the following:

  • Absorbing CBD into the bloodstream. One of the quickest ways for ingesting CBD is by taking a moderate use of oil tincture (anywhere from 2.5 ml to 5 ml is usually enough) and placing the dropper under the tongue, letting the CBD oil rest for about 25–30 seconds before swallowing. This is called sublingual ingestion. Because the CBD absorbs into the bloodstream, the moderate effects produce its desired results quicker than most other methods. For more experienced cannabis enthusiasts, ingesting a larger dose may help.
  • Creating an elixir. Some people add their preferred CBD product into hot tea or even coffee. Though the full effect may not compare versus ingestion via tincture, give it enough time (for example, 15–20 minutes), and soon the desired outcome will take place.
  • Edibles. Similar to the elixir method, consuming a small number of edibles is another way to get the full effect of CBD. There are now on the market such products that come as mints, tablets or capsules or even gummi bears infused with CBD. However, because edibles vary greatly between each product, one must be careful not to over-ingest on any one product, lest you begin to feel too much of a headrush. 

The Perfect Dose

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The Perfect Dose

In terms of receiving the full set of benefits from microdosing CBD, there is no “perfect dose” or one-size-fits-all solution. Related.

Most practitioners believe that starting with a low dose and then working your way up is the preferable way to discover the perfect quantity so that you can understand how microdosing the CBD product affects your body. One significant benefit of microdosing CBD is that it allows for more controlled usage of the product.

Before microdosing CBD for the first time, be sure to check the labeling of the purchased product for instructions for use.

For example, most CBD tinctures tend to come to a 1-ounce size bottle that contains approximately 30 ml. The dropper included with the bottle will deliver about 1 ml of CBD to your system. Microdosing with a full-spectrum CBD oil will help accomplish this.

It’s essential to take one’s time to find the effective minimum dose, as not everyone’s body will require the same amount of product.

To that end, some practitioners have suggested keeping a journal to track one’s daily dose amount. You can record the time of day, the amount and manner of ingesting CBD, as well as any effects experienced after.

By keeping track of your consumption in this way, you can spot-check your daily or weekly usage and make adjustments as needed. By listening to your body, you can track changes in sensitivity and know when it’s time to adjust your dose.

Microdosing as a Curative

In selecting a well-known product that’s appropriately labeled, you give yourself a better chance of experiencing an increased sense of wellness and relaxation over a period of time by microdosing CBD.

After trying it out the first time, some people find that they can adjust their dosing to suit their needs, either increasing or decreasing their dose.

If you have concerns about microdosing, it’s usually best to get in touch with your primary care physician before starting a new micro-dosing regimen.

Your doctor can specifically communicate the effects of microdosing CBD and answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you are willing to give it a shot, there are full-spectrum CBD oil for sale across online and retail stores.

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