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Naturopathy is an approach to healthcare which combines evidence-based, fad-free, sustainable diet and lifestyle coaching, along with herbal and nutritional supplementation. The treatment aims to address the underlying cause of people’s health issues and promote wellness. Naturopathy treatments provide a uniquely holistic and highly tailored approach to healthcare.

The underlying principles of naturopathy stress the importance of a healthy diet, outdoor exercise and stress management. Treatment often tackles imbalances in these healthy habits, whilst supporting the immune system and the body’s ability to heal itself. In essence, naturopathy focuses on holistic lifestyle intervention as well as herbal /nutritional supplementation rather than pharmaceutical prescriptions.

Here are some of the main reasons our patients choose naturopathy:

Naturopathy treats the underlying causes of disease

As well as treating the symptoms, naturopathy treats the underlying cause of health concerns in conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, migraine headaches, asthma, and arthritis. Randomized controlled trials have demonstrated that naturopathic treatments may be effective in treating these conditions. In an extensive consultation, a naturopath will delve into the root causes of these diseases and address these issues. Often, people who have had little success with traditional medical treatments are delighted with the effect that naturopathy has on their symptoms.

Naturopathy effectively treats chronic health concerns

The underlying causes for chronic psychological conditions like depression and anxiety, eating disorders, hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue, diabetes and more, can also be addressed through naturopathy. Many of these health issues have chronic inflammation at their core and are driven by genetics, diet, lifestyle and environmental factors. To begin a patient’s health improvement journey, a naturopath will conduct an in-depth consultation to identify drivers of inflammation in patients of all ages, before putting together a sustainable treatment plan that the patient can integrate into their lifestyle.

Naturopathy maintains and improves well-being

Naturopathy is not restricted to those trying to recover from various health issues. Naturopaths can also offer valuable advice to healthy individuals, assessing their general vitality and advising healthy habits and supplements which will empower them to maintain and promote their wellness. Too often, traditional medicine takes a reactive rather than proactive approach to health. The objective is in treating disease and illness rather than preventing it in the first place. Naturopathy enables the patient to understand their individual genetic, medical and lifestyle considerations and put in place measures to promote their own wellbeing.

Naturopathy follows an evidence-based mythology

The naturopathic methodology follows a scientific, evidence-based approach in understanding patients and building tailored treatment plans. Naturopaths employ time-honored methods that have underpinned both Eastern and Western medical philosophies for eons.  During a consultation, the therapist will take a detailed assessment of the patient including their medical history and can even include the following tests:

  1. Blood analysis
  2. Hair analysis
  3. Nutritional tests
  4. Salivary hormone tests
  5. Functional testing

Naturopathy treatment plans are tailored

Every patient is different, and treatment, therefore, takes into consideration the dietary preferences, lifestyle and any other specific needs of every patient. Patients are encouraged to participate in the process of building an in-depth understanding of their health and putting together a personalized treatment plan. This treatment aims to strike a healthy balance of both psychological and physiological wellbeing. This holistic approach creates a positive feedback loop. As physical health is improved, so is mental health and vice versa.

Naturopathic treatment is long-lasting

The last but certainly not the least important reason why our patients choose naturopathic treatment over traditional medicine is that it is a drug-free, lifestyle-focused form of wellness and its benefits are sustainable long term.  Where traditional medicine focuses solely on one specific issue, naturopathy views health and wellbeing comprehensively, considering all facets of health in mind and body.

While Naturopathy can sometimes be met with an uneasy skepticism, it’s rooted extend back to ancient traditions and it has yielded life-changing results for people across cultures all over the world. It is a form of treatment which carries virtually no risk as all therapies are completely natural. The realization that you have nothing to lose may be what attracts many to naturopathy, but the transformative results from lifestyle intervention and supplementation are what keeps them leveraging the benefits of naturopathy.

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Laura Davis is the owner of Vital Chi Wellness, a leading provider of natural therapies. Vital Chi Wellness offers an alternative therapeutic option to treat minor or chronic health conditions.

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