Efficient Exercises for Losing Weight

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Jogging might be the most common weight loss exercise, but it certainly isn’t the most efficient. In fact, there are many exercises which burn calories at a much better rate.

More so, many other exercises help you develop lean muscle mass which increases your metabolism and helps you lose weight even when you are resting!

Jogging and running are still health exercises and good for your cardiovascular health, but they are simply inefficient for losing weight.

Check out these exercises below which will help you lose more weight, in less time!


If you enjoy jogging, you will love sprinting. Not only is sprinting enjoyable and stimulating, but it is one of the best weight loss exercises in the world.

Sprinting is far superior to jogging for weight loss because of the maximum effort involved with sprinting. Maximum effort movements such as the 100-meter sprint place enormous metabolic demands on your body, helping you to drop pounds much easier!

Not only will you burn calories during your workout though, sprinting causes an “after-burn” like effect which increases your metabolism for hours afterward.

Sprinting stimulates muscle growth throughout your legs and posterior chain, and it is also an excellent exercise for building your core and abdominal muscles.

Instead of jogging for an hour, try a 20-minute sprint workout!

ERG Rowing Machine

Many fitness centers and weight rooms contain at least one ERG rowing machine, although it seems like only the most-fit gym members ever dare to use it.

Similar to many other fitness devices, you can use the ERG rowing machine for a slow and leisurely workout. However, if you choose to increase your pace and exertion, the ERG rowing machine becomes a calorie-incinerating machine!

Not only does rowing workout your cardiovascular endurance, but it also trains nearly your entire posterior chain, many additional back muscles, biceps, shoulders, quadriceps, and more! (See also: Eight Weeks Plan For Rowing Machine Beginner?)

Exercises which stimulate many muscle groups at the same time are always more efficient for losing weight, which is why the ERG rowing machine is one of the best exercises!

Stationary Bike

The stationary bicycle is an excellent exercise for weight loss because it does not tax your central nervous system much, and you can easily complete difficult interval training workouts. (See also: Top Fitness Spin Bike for You)

The Tabata interval protocol is one of the most famous forms of high-intensity interval training in the world, and it was originally tested on the stationary bike. Unlike other forms of HIIT, HIIT on a stationary bike will not wear out your body and mind at the same time.

Although your hamstrings and quads will fatigue doing intervals on a stationary bike, your mind will be ready for the next exercise or workout. Instead of spending your extra time jogging, which is taxing on your mind and joints, doing high-intensity interval training on a stationary bike will make much more of a difference in your weight loss goals!

Jump Rope

Although it may not be entirely true, there are reports that jumping rope can burn up to three times as many calories as jogging in the same amount of time!

Jump rope training has been a favorite of boxers and combat athletes nearly forever, which is understandable considering the level of physical condition they need to be in to compete.

Jumping rope is very easy to learn, and is another excellent exercise for your heart and cardiovascular health as well.

You can do intervals on the jump rope, or you can do longer duration workouts. Regardless, the jump rope is easily one of the most efficient exercises for weight loss!

Concluding Thoughts on the Most Efficient Exercises for Weight Loss

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Jogging is a common exercise because everyone knows how to do it (although not properly), and it is only as difficult as you want it to be.

However, there are more negative effects of jogging than you probably would imagine! Most people jog with imperfect form, and running like this can cause lasting damage to your knee, hip, and ankle joints. Along with this, jogging does not burn many calories overall.

In fact, jogging only burns slightly more calories than walking!

Instead of spending a large amount of time on an exercise which will damage your joints and not provide the benefits you are hoping for, try one or more of the efficient weight loss exercises above!

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