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Fashion calls for ages of beauty and accessories. Bags, wallet, watches, jewelry are some of the essentials for the fashionistas to rock the everyday sassy. Out of so many options to indulge your best look, bags take an important spot. How many bags do you have? How many of them have been sitting idle in your closet? Let us be honest that every woman loves handbags and they have never ending urge to buy more.

Although every woman needs more than one type of handbag they end up buying something useless and which does not match their outfits most of the time. There are few types of handbags available in the market that are must to have in our wardrobe. Here are best 6 types of handbags which are versatile and will surely match with your outfits. These handbags are perfect for different occasions and will surely make the handbag game on point.

#1. Crossbody Bags

The thing, which makes cross body bags a must to have accessory, is that these bags are surprisingly comfortable and wearable. The possibilities of cross body bags are infinite including the hands-free shopping, carrying it down the street for coffee or even traveling in a train. Till now you must have noticed that these bags can be used everywhere and every time. With these bags, you do not have to worry about getting underdressed or overdressed. Therefore, if you are expecting yourself carrying many things any day then you can carry this bag. Cross-body bags are available under different brands such as Puma, Reebok, etc. You can also grab some deals & offers on these bags, while booking it online, provided with 70% discounts.

Perfect for: Music Festivals, Date Nights, Concerts

#2. Duffle or Weekender Bags

Weekender is not just made for the sudden and unprepared trips to the beach. These bags are huge and approximately double in size as compared to other bags required in your day-to-day life. You can carry this bag to your gym, to the grocery store, carry-on-bag that can act as your purse and also allows you to pack more stuff in the plane under your seat. If you want a bag that has enough space to fit your sneakers and clothes for an impromptu with your friends. Then this weekender bag is perfect for you.

Idol for the Weekend getaways, Short outing, At the gym and more.

#3. Day Clutch

These clutch bags are perfect when you are going out for just a couple of hours and you do not have to carry all the extra stuff. You can also call the clutches as the brunch bag. Every woman should have two types of clutches, one for casual use when you are out for a couple of hours and other for the formal events in the evening. As the name suggests clutches are the bags with no handle. Although you can use clutches which are sequined and cute but a casual and ready to grab on is a more versatile clutch.

Perfect for: Semi-formal weddings, Coffee dates, Brunch

#4. Tote Bags

If you are always in a dilemma that your bag does not match with your outfit then Tote bags are saviors for you. These bags are the one, which you are supposed to carry to your workplace. You can buy a larger version if you have to laptop, tablets and other electronics. Whereas you can also get a smaller version if you carry only makeup, charger, and other small items. Classic color Tote bags have always been the perfect pick. You can get a variety of Tote bags to choose from at tata cliq store. Be it the college day or office time, Tote bags can go with all your dresses. These Totes are available in distinct colors, patterns, designs, material and more. Buy a leatherette bag, cloth woven or the classy prints.

#5. Just for Statement

You should at least add one quirky bag to your accessories and this bag can be the one. You can pair these bags with you plain outfits and it can spice it up. This is the bag, which you can carry out some time. These bags mostly fall into the category of evening bags. There are no rules associated with it regarding its use as it is meant to reflect the fun side of yours. If you want to get something that is really standing out of your style then this is it. Spice up your look with some edgy fashion that goes with the occasional fun one wishes to have. These bags are best to be carried with casual dresses to college or party.

#6. Backpacks

Backpacks have made a huge comeback as the people are again using it. This time the backpacks are not only limited to the books. If you decide to give your shoulders relief and rest, then you can use this backpack to carry larger weight with ease. You can choose from a tremendous number of chic backpacks available in the market that are comfortable but kill it in the department of fashion. If you wish to have a trendy yet strong backpack to carry all your heavies then you can simply rely upon brands like Wildcraft, skybags and so many more. These brands have been working up to provide the consumers with select quality products-reliable and efficient.

Perfect for: On tour, Travelling, Rarely to the workplace

There are so many types, brands, and styles of bags which can be very effective for the everyday use. For all the girls out there, don’t let your attire go incomplete, sizzle up with some high-end fashionable bags to suit your style. Moreover, don’t stick to what the trends have called upon. Fill your wardrobe with the most amazing styles this year. Also, do not forget to enter into the online offers on fashion accessories to get discounts of more than 45% easily. Have a great buckle!

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