Celebrate Christmas 2020

Celebrating Christmas this 2020 may never be the same as before. That is because there is a concern about getting in contact with the COVID-19 virus.

However, statistics show that we are near to getting out of this situation and that it may be possible to celebrate Christmas with family.

How do we prepare for Christmas 2020? How do we celebrate? What are the best gifting ideas we could give to our family?

1. Christmas online

Ideally, celebrating Christmas 2020 may be limited to family, relatives, and a few friends within the state. That is because travel restrictions are still in place in every country.

Thanks to technology, we can make use of applications that allows us to connect to our loved ones abroad. There are loads of free video call applications such as Zoom, Messager, etc.

It is weird as they say, but it is safer than traveling down the road with all the concerns of the virus. With the proper device and camera, your family can enjoy free viewing at high quality. It will make you feel as if you are celebrating with them at home.

2. Opt-in to healthier meals

Healthier meals

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Before, we called Christmas a cheat day because we prepare food like never before. Those family and friends of ours that are dieting will forget their diet plan for a day. That makes celebrating Christmas memorable.

However, it is best if we choose healthier meals on our table for Christmas Eve. It will ease our concern about any health-related news we receiving this year. At the same time, we are preparing for a healthy lifestyle in 2021.

Some of the best ideas for healthy food to prepare are eye fillet steak, baked salmon, veggie salads instead of fruit salads, veggie dips, cucumber sushi, air fryer onion.

As for the desserts, you can prepare donuts and churros made from an air fryer. You will find the best air fryer at https://fryingchef.co.uk/best-air-fryer-reviews/.

3. Team building games at home

Of course, games will always be part of any party celebration. These activities help us bond together as a family. It helps us fix any broken relationship and mistrust. And lastly, we are celebrating to have fun.

Instead of loud music and dancing, we can choose activities that are played by teams. And do not forget to include those that are behind the computers watching from afar.

You may check on these ideas:

a. MTV Crib game

If you are watching MTV, there is a segment wherein the crew will reveal the home of our favorite celebrities. Since we haven’t been with some of our families from abroad, maybe they miss what home looks like, and we could show it to them. The game will surely drag everyone to join as they need to introduce their rooms.

b. Guessing games by team

Teams will be divided base on who is with you physically.

Just like any traditional guessing games, you write a word on a piece of paper [or cardboard], then place it on the forehead for the person to guess. His teammate will act the answer without making a noise.

Of course, to ensure fairness, the opposing team will select the words to guess.

c. Riddles with a twist

Everybody loves a riddle. And to make this more enjoyable, only one person will give the correct answer to the in charge. When guessed correctly, he will have to act the answer without making a sound for the rest of the team to answer.

Finally, the best overall team to win the game should receive a prize.

4. Giving gifts

Giving gifts

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The main event of the celebration is giving gifts. The best way to include the people from afar is to buy them something online. There are plenty of reliable e-commerce sites offering the best products and deals for Christmas 2020.

The best gift you can give them is something beneficial for their health to fight any virus today. We narrowed down the list of healthy gift ideas for your family that are all available online for delivery. We carefully selected the best products by their quality, usage, and health benefits.

a. Multivitamins and minerals

Nothing beats a virus better than a healthy body with complete nutrients. Due to the pandemic, multivitamins and minerals production is scarce in some places. You could order the best immune system booster vitamins for your loved ones.

b. Air Fryer or Deep Fat Fryer

Similar to what you use preparing healthy meals, they may need this product as well. Air fryer and deep fat fryer use modern technology to cook food without oil. It is definitely the best choice for health-conscious people.

c. Herb seed kit

Gardening is one of the healthiest lifestyles a person can practice. Plants give us inner peace, and it is beneficial to our mental health.

d. Single-cup coffee machine

Coffee intake has proven to be beneficial to health in many ways. We cannot remove coffee breaks on busy schedules at work because it helps us ease our minds. It helps us boost our productivity.

Single-cup coffee machines are the perfect option for saving living space and electricity.

e. Fitness tracker

When the New Year comes, we expect to create New Year’s resolution, and number one on the list is how to be fit. A fitness tracker will be the best gift you could ever give.


Christmas will always be part of human culture regardless of what is going on in the world. It is the reason why families are together, and we should not take this from our children too. On a side note, we should never disregard the proper safety precautions to fight COVID-19.

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I’m Lisa, being a 34-year-old Mum, I spend most of my time looking after my kids. However, when I do find some free time my passion is learning about nutrition and different cooking styles.

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