Fitness Tracker Can Transform Your Life

Looking to get fit in 2020? But going back to exercise is really hard, let alone staying engaged.

This is where a fitness tracker aka those wearable things that count your steps can help.

From counting steps to tracking sleep to monitoring heart rate, these fitness trackers offer a lot of features. It will not only help you embrace a healthy lifestyle but also help you stay inspired.

The following reasons will help you understand how a fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor can help you stay healthy, focused and motivated.

1. Gives You Real Motivation

Gives You Real Motivation

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You may think a fitness tracker can’t or won’t give you the motivation you need, but wearing the best fitness tracker is all the motivation you need.

Imagine a personal trainer following you around all day, poking and yelling at you to move more, exercise more and eat smarter. Well, that’s what it’s like when you wear a fitness tracker.

When you wear one, you can’t get lost in a show, or a bowl of popcorn, because it will start buzzing if you sit too long.

Annoying? Yes, but in this case annoying equals effective. The idle alert offered by most fitness trackers will keep buzzing until you get up and move.

And if that’s not motivation enough, your fitness tracker will give you a medal when you reach daily goals. It doesn’t sound like much, but for anyone trying to lose weight, it is a difference-maker.

It makes you feel like you are doing things right and makes you excited about exercise, not doughnuts.

2. It Wakes You Up…. About Health and Fitness

You probably think you know how healthy you are, or how hard you’re exercising.

Well, you don’t, and your fitness tracker will prove it. The best fitness tracker will show you just how good, or bad, you are in terms of physical conditioning.

Your fitness tracker makes sure that you hit your target heart rate goals by maximizing results. It also helps those who are unhealthy to exercise safely, making sure you don’t overexert.

And as for those steps with a fitness tracker, you will reach your 1,000 and 10,000 marks in no time. You will find yourself using the stairs more, and doing more around the house, to be active and moving.

3. It Wakes You Up… Literally

Wakes You Up

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It’s nice to sleep in on a cold or rainy day, but sleeping in won’t help you get in shape.

That’s why an activity tracker is so incredible. They come with an alarm to wake you up each morning, so you’ll never miss another workout again. Yay!?

Now you are probably thinking, you already have an alarm clock, so how is this different?

Well, firstly you won’t find a snooze option with this and secondly, the fitness tracker’s alarm vibrates, which your family will really appreciate.

4. Speaking of Sleep…

You may not be sleeping in as much, but with a fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor, you can track and improve your quality of sleep.

Sleep is what helps your body rejuvenate, giving muscles time to heal and refresh. And it’s not just how long you sleep, but how well, that matters. Your body needs time to replenish essential vitamins and minerals, which is what happens when you sleep soundly.

The best fitness tracker will help with that, monitoring and analyzing your sleep patterns to illustrate how deep, or restless, you are.

Then you can make adjustments in your routines, like no caffeine before bed, to make sure that you get a good night’s rest. You’ll be surprised at how good you feel when you sleep better.

5. It Teaches You About Food

Teaches You About Food

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Exercise is great, but it’s just a small part of healthy living. What you eat and drink is a big part of the equation, and a fitness tracker can help you with that too.

Almost every best fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor comes with an app, which can help you track what you eat and drink throughout the day.

You can even learn your calorie intake, fat, carbs and more. You’ll be surprised when you see just how off you are about the calorie scores for some of your “healthy” foods.

This will help you balance your diet and even provide your tips to make smarter choices.

6. You Can Set Reachable Goals

One of the biggest advantages of using a fitness tracker is that it makes exercise and weight loss manageable and attainable. You can set daily, weekly and monthly goals, giving you a plan to follow that doesn’t seem so unreachable.

Just think about it: exercising to lose 40 pounds in 6 months may sound like a long and arduous task.

But when you break it up into smaller tasks, like losing 3 pounds in a week or losing 10 pounds by the end of the month, it feels easier to accomplish.

This way attaining daily and weekly milestones will boost confidence, which is the key to sticking with any exercise plan.

7. Exercise is More Fun

Exercise is More Fun

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The words exercise and fun may not go together in your brain right now, but they will once you own an activity tracker.

With apps offered by the best fitness trackers like Fitbit,  you can even connect with other users, maybe even your friends or family and “compete” with each other, spurring you to push harder and making you feel like you are not alone.

Exercise is always more fun with a partner, and you’re more likely to exercise if someone is waiting for you.

8. It Gives You a Sense of Community and Support

When you use the fitness tracker, you can link up with other users from across the globe.

This gives you a built-in support system that will also challenge you.

You can help others by sharing your own experiences and learn from theirs as well. Users will share tips to motivate, recipes and more, giving you more food and exercise options.

You have an unlimited pool of knowledge, which can help you set and reach realistic goals.

9. Make Every Step Count

Taking steps every day gets you into a routine and outs you in a fitness frame of mind. Plus, steps do get results.

They help burn energy and boost metabolism, thereby encouraging weight loss and maintenance. Not to mention, all those steps lead you to do more, so you look better and be more healthy.

These are just 9 amazing ways a fitness tracker can transform your life. When you get one of your own, you will probably be able to come up with even more great benefits. So go out and get one, do tell us all about your experience!

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