Escape Proof Harness for Your Dog

If you have ever been walking with the dog and suddenly noticed that the leash has become a lot lighter, you’ll know how frightening it can be.

While the majority of dogs can easily be thwarted by the average harness or collar, some dogs are grandmasters of escaping.

Dogs like these need a more sophisticated arrangement to prevent the escapades.

Find the harness

To get an idea try this site. You’ll find there are quite a few harnesses that offer extra security. It means your dog is less likely to slip away when you are next out walking.

The site will take you through the ways a dog can escape from its harness and recommend the best options that are available on the market.

The reason why a dog slipping a leash is so concerning is because of the many dangers you’re your beloved pet may face.

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The dangers

The times we have seen dead dogs in the middle of a road are too many to contemplate.  It not only brings heartbreak for the owner but the person who was in collision with the animal must live with the fact.

It might have caused damage to their car – and worse the dog owner may face the bill for any repairs! It’s a case of everyone losing, and it could so easily have been prevented if the dog had only been kept on its lead.

Even small dogs can appear threatening to people when they come up running and barking. If the dog gets aggressive the person could end up injured.

They could be bitten, fall over while trying to make a getaway. The dog itself could be injured. It could be kicked, struck with a stick, be stoned with having a rock.

It could even be sprayed with a mace spray or worse. Again the dog’s owner could be held liable and face an unfortunate lawsuit.

If your dog escapes the chances are that it is likely to find another dog out for a wander around the streets too. This can so easily lead to a dogfight.

Other things to be aware of include exposure to diseases, and if your dog is an unneutered bitch – unwanted pregnancies. The trouble can double if your dog comes up against someone else walking their dog on a leash. If you are found liable then expensive vet bills and/a lawsuit.

Loose dogs can also be against the law.  The majority of cities have leash laws.  If you are unfortunate enough to have Animal Control pick up your dog, there will be a hefty fine to pay to get your dog back.

And worse Animal Control may euthanize your pet. There are time limits on a dog’s life when it is picked up and suspected of being a stray.

If that is not bad enough, unfortunately, some evil people cruise around looking for stray dogs to use in dog-fighting. If your dog is stolen the chances of recovering it are slim.

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