The common phrase that what you don’t know will not hurt you does not apply when it comes to wellness and weight loss. As a matter of fact, what you do not know hurts you. When it comes to reducing the excess fat from the body, many people think that you only require complicated prescriptions from a doctor. While that may be one of the remedies, there are other simpler ones like changing your diet to focus more on those that burn fats.
Following the right path of choosing foods that are the best thermogenic fat burners is one of the most effective strategies of fighting fats. Such foods are effective at ensuring that the calorie count in your body is maintained at low levels. While the commonly known fat-burning foods are vegetables, this piece will shine some light on more foods that will promote burning fat. Such foods burn fats while chewing and others constitute nutrients and compounds that increase metabolism and consequently burn fats. This article will focus on the top five fat-burning foods that you should consider including in your diet for impressive results. Simply read on!

1. Whole Grains

One of the most efficient food for burning fats is the whole grains. An example of foods rich in whole grain includes bread, pasta, and rice. The more advantageous whole grains are the ones containing fiber, for example, brown rice and oatmeal. During the breakdown of whole grains, your body uses more than twice the amount of calories used in the breakdown of processed foods. Consequently, the excess calories that end up being the excess fats are cut by more than a half. It is advisable to base your meals on whole grains to get the most out of them.


2. Green tea

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, green tea has many benefits and burning fats is one of them. In the report, effective results are achieved by drinking four cups of green tea per day. The expected result is a loss of more than five pounds in eight weeks. This sounds like a good remedy. To explain how the green tea works, a compound called EGCG found in the drink is responsible for temporarily speeding up metabolism. Increased metabolism is known to burn calories at a faster rate. Follow this simple direction to experience the best results.


3. Lean Meat

Whenever the topic of cutting fats comes up, most people think that they have to necessarily be vegetarians to achieve maximum results in control of their excess body fats. That is not entirely accurate. Proteins are known to have a high and significant effect on fats during digestion. When consumed, your body burns about a third of the calories the food contains. You can, therefore, maintain a controlled consumption of the chicken breasts knowing that more calories are used indigestion.


4. Hot Peppers

There is a reason why the physically fit people do not miss peppers in their diet. They have discovered the benefits peppers have in cutting extra fats. As a fat burner, hot peppers contain capsaicin, a compound responsible for the hotness. This compound heats up your body during digestion consequently burning the excess calories. This is a significant benefit that can be found from the consumption of raw, dried, cooked or consuming the pepper in its powder form. Consider adding the spice in soup, meat, and eggs.


5. Lentils

Another food worth mentioning is lentils. They are known to be the secret for a fat-free body. Moreover, they are an excellent source of iron. One cup serves about 35% of iron for your body. Most people lack iron. This is not good for metabolism since it is at its peak when all the nutrients are insufficient. Adding iron in your diet, therefore, increases the supply of nutrients and consequently your metabolism.
To conclude, you can choose from a variety of different foods that comprise the best thermogenic fat burners. Most of the foods work by increasing your metabolism, which leads to a reduction of fat.


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