Workouts for Pregnant Women

It can be difficult to exercise, especially for both you and the little one inside your body.

We bring some great news that it is completely safe to work out during your pregnancy. Numerous studies have shown that it is actually beneficial for most women.

In fact, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise every day if you are pregnant.

It’s important to keep you and your baby’s weight in check, amongst other things, such as improving mental health.

So, without further ado, let’s look at several fitness training programs that are brilliant for pregnant mental health and physical shape.

1.  Pilates

Regular Pilates is quite a low-impact type of exercise; however, some moves potentially aren’t safe for pregnant women.

The beautiful idea about engaging in a prenatal Pilates class is that it is provided by women who also have been pregnant.

Pilates can make labor a whole lot simpler – some women have stated that they have only 20 minutes of it after such classes. If you ever go for one of these classes, you’ll most likely work on your pelvic floor, posture, breathing, abdominals, and working out your bottom.

We would thoroughly recommend that you try one because it is a lot of fun.

2. Swimming or Water Aerobics

Swimming is a wonderful thing to do when you’re pregnant because you can feel completely weightless.

The water around provides natural cushioning so that when your muscles are challenged, they are also supported.

Women who frequently participate in aquatic exercise during their pregnancy usually report a lot less physical discomfort, improve body image, additional mobility, and easier labor.

The brilliant sensation that you feel in water will improve your mobility so that you can work out a lot more muscle groups than you would do when walking. It’s not possible to fall over in water either!

3. Yoga

If you’re a pregnant woman and looking to do exercise, you wouldn’t want something as intense as running or playing rugby! Baby focused yoga exercise is very good for the body and mental focusing.

You’ll notice that all of your muscles and tendons will be stretched, and you will concentrate on breathing, bringing you in the here and now, and doing wonders for the mind. A lot of classes out there focus on learning practical skills that can help with labor and delivery.

As an example, you can practice breathing techniques that will help you reduce stress, manage pain, and control your body so that you are less hurt when giving birth. There are various yoga poses that you can take to strengthen your pelvic floor and abdomen.

Many classes incorporate props such as cushions, blankets, or belts that can help you feel supported and comfortable.

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4. Barre Classes

One can expect a regular barre class to be a safe choice for pregnant women. 3 or 4 times every week can really help, yet you feel elevated and get the endorphins running in your body.

Other than the physical aspects, this is what most pregnant women love about it. These workouts increase flexibility, strength, joint range, and endurance.

5. Flexibility and Stretching Exercises/Classes

If you’ve read everything above and feel like it’s too cardio-based for yourself, it can be great to do some stretching and flexibility exercises.

Movements are typically kept for three seconds or more, and classes target specific muscles to be stretched and relaxed. These workouts for pregnant women help you promote circulation around the body and keep your joints lubricated.

It’s good to isolate muscle groups on an individual basis because joints are constantly shifting around during pregnancy.

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6. A Light Jog

By no means should you ever go on an intense marathon run when you’re pregnant, but maybe you’re a keen runner who has now succumbed to pregnancy and can’t imagine your life without the two-hour jog on weekends – what will you do now?

It’s completely fine to continue with your normal exercise routine until your third trimester. This means that you can keep sweating as long as you stay hydrated, eat well, and take healthy foods for pregnant women.

Make sure that your medical practitioner knows that you are undertaking an activity such as running and keep things down to a light jog if you can. It will not be safe to perform heavy exercise after the third trimester.

However, if you are about to start your fitness journey, a light jog can be a great way to stay in shape. The most important thing is that you will want to avoid being hit or falling down. This is why a lot of medical practitioners will not condone horseback riding, snowboarding, scuba-diving, or skiing as an appropriate exercise for pregnant women.

Do bear in mind that your workout will be a lot tougher than before you started carrying your baby around. Pregnancy takes a serious toll on the body, so consider this when you’re exercising.

It can often be the case that women get disillusioned or depressed as they are not able to undergo the same physical activity as before the pregnancy, so it is important to remember this.

7. Home Classes

One of the most brilliant things about technology is that you can exercise even when pregnant, from the comfort of your own home. There are all sorts of classes that can be available online for pregnant women.

Many of them provide an easy and convenient way of doing exercise when pregnant. Make sure that you consult with your doctor to see if the activity is right for you.

8. Light Weights

Last but not least, it is possible to exercise with a few dumbbells around the house. Lifting light weights is a great way of staying in physical shape when you’re pregnant.

Make sure that you do not lift above a certain threshold. Heavyweights can cause your heart rate to increase very rapidly, and this will be bad for the little one inside you.

Always consult with a doctor before attempting weightlifting when pregnant.

Great Workouts for Pregnant Women

We know how challenging it can be to go through pregnancy. All of those months of agony, not being able to eat certain things, drink alcohol, and much more.

However, we are confident that these safe exercises to do while pregnant will do wonders for your health, both mentally and physically.

Remember to avoid any sports, which could allow you to fall down. Also, keep heavy sessions at bay after the third trimester. All the best!

Do you have any pregnant health tips for our audience? Can you recommend any great prenatal workouts for pregnant women? Tell us in our comments section below.

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