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What makes a woman more beautiful is a combination of stylish women’s clothing, flashy accessories, enchanting scent, and beautiful makeup. Every year, the makeup trend changes. However, the best thing to do is not just to follow a trend, but to start one.

Since the style of makeup we wear differ from one person to the other, it is better to search, explore, and discover the right makeup style that will fit you and make you more gorgeously beautiful.

Women have been using cosmetics for quite some reasons; the reason can be to make them feel attractive. When you feel good about yourself, it also radiates an aura of confidence in you.

Wearing makeup is good for you, especially if applying your favorite makeup helps you feel good. So, you just use your favorite products and create your style that makes you gorgeous and expresses who you are at the same time. Placing makeup also highlights the beautiful and attractive characteristics on your face.

Women have darker eyes and lips than men; makeup products serve to emphasize these eyes. Also, makeup products are used to make women look healthy. Foundation also can give an impression of symmetry, and it evens the skin tone. Some makeup products contain vitamins and nutrients that can help nourish, protect, and nurture your skin.

It is never bad to find ways to look and feel beautiful. Here are some of the newest makeup trends you can make use of:

Glossy Eyes

Glossy Eyes

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Eyes can shine. Eye gloss is in for 2017. It is all about smudgy eyes and sun-kissed skin. You can use MAC studio foundation as a base and sprinkle with bronze or tangerine glitter for that beautiful glow.

Moreover, you can use a black liner, then mess it all up with a tangerine eye gloss for a vibrant aura. Finish your makeup with a little mascara at the tip of your lashes, and a touch of lip balm.You can buy Eye gloss from various brands like Kevyn Aucoin and M.A.C. Many makeup artists beautify their models with an artsy, smoky gloss look.

Bold Blush

Bold Blush

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You need that blush brushes for 2017. Whether you apply it subtly on your skin, blended from cheek to temple or with a nod to disco blush, it still emphasizes your blush. The Bold and vibrant blush was prominent even before during the 80’s.

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Nevertheless, it dominates the runways for 2017. The blush is up to the cheekbones, toward the eyes and continues onto the eyelids. Also, there may be times when the color is used all over the eyebrow and the lid.

Two-Tone Lips

Two-Tone Lips

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Women who usually do experiments with unique shades like green and blue just to make a lip statement don’t need to do it again. You can now actually take advantage of a two-tone lipstick. You just need to apply a hot red color on your upper lip and a shocking pink color on the bottom.

It is preferable to make use of shades that are near and not far off ones. When making use of a two-tone lipstick, the shades look the same from a distance but looks playful up close.

Naturally Beautiful

Naturally Beautiful

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Simply Natural is always beautiful. Anyone would love to have that natural look without placing too much makeup on it. You can make use of creamy matte foundation, a bit of flesh or nude shade lipstick blended with a brush on the bridge of the nose and cheeks.

Pink Is Always In

Pink Is Always In

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You can never go overboard with a bright pink cheek. Wearing pink blush to the sides of your eyes and up on the corners of your cheeks is also the new trend. You can also place pink on your cheekbones or a soft wash in the center of your eyelids. The effect of a vivid color pink on your skin will produce a stunning and shimmering look.



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Makeup is always a partner of fashion. You can never go wrong with wearing makeup in combination with your stylish outfit, glamorous accessories, and captivating smell. Wearing makeup is seen as finishing touches for your elegant and stunning look. Such composition ranges from light and natural to a dramatic type of makeup.

Makeup is also a form of art. We make use of makeup products to paint ourselves and make a masterpiece out of it. Some women feel more artistic doing so while others describe it as a means of showing creativity.

Women who wear makeup gives off a sense of confidence and expression. The reason for placing makeup doesn’t need to be for someone else; it can also be for yourself. Wearing makeup is also a way to boost your confidence and to look and feel attractive and stunning.

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