Useful tips for meditationIn the practice of yoga meditation there are a number of simple principles that must be followed to achieve the desired results. They develop without difficulty and are related to the hours most suitable to achieve relaxation, the need for a routine or a comfortable position. Read useful tips for meditation.

To reach a state of mind to meditate on the temperature and find them ideal power at sunset, but this time of day is not suitable for you, understand that the most important is that you choose one that allows you to be quiet.

Once you choose the time you have time to relax, it is critical that you make it part of your routine, and that meditation should always be performed at the same time and in the same place.

When you find a suitable space perfect is to have a special room for your meditations. A room in which you can create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility, where you can put incense and keeps you cool and neat.

Once you initiate your relaxation exercise daily, you have to take into account the position you adopt, to be as comfortable as possible. Once you discover that position, you have to compose facing north or east to benefit from the energy in these directions.

To achieve the necessary concentration we have to empty our mind, forgetting the past, present and future, to focus on our breath to be deep and rhythmic. Inhale, exhale hold air and trying to do each step at a similar time as we keep breathing through the flow of prana (vital energy).

It also helps to achieve this concentration the use of a focal point that can be found between the eyebrows and the heart, and should be always the same.

The role of the focal point is to make your mind focus by displaying the same, without making too much effort.

The use of a mantra is optional, but it is certainly a very useful for meditation. The mantra is a word that is constantly repeated while seeking relaxation. You can use a personal one, but the most used is OM.

Finally note that one of the most important elements in the practice of meditation is consistency, because the results are not immediate.