Dentist During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Taking care of your teeth should be a priority at all times but particularly now when the world is experiencing a COVID-19 pandemic never seen before in the modern world.

If you follow the advice of your dentist and attend regular check-ups, your teeth should be okay. You can delay your regular check-up for a month or two without any real consequence.

Dentists and orthodontists across the world have been shut down. Even as things start to slowly reopen it can be difficult trying to get an appointment in any country. A Calgary orthodontist tells us that her company was just recently allowed to reopen in a limited capacity by the government and is now trying to catch back up.

However, if you have a dental emergency, you may have no option other than to contact a dentist for advice or an emergency appointment but it’s important to do so only in the event of an emergency.

Any decent dental practice will already have a line of communication with their patients set up. Whether this is through social media, Skype, or Facetime, your dentist will be able to offer advice remotely.

For example, if you are looking for an emergency dentist in Chatswood, don’t take to the streets unnecessarily looking for one, check online first.

Typing something as simple and ‘emergency dentist near me’ into Google should present you with a number of dentists that are local to you.

Check their website and utilize their chat or instant message function if possible. Failing that, give them a ring. If the nature of your inquiry is an emergency, they will usually have a dedicated line that you can call. 

When Should I Not Contact my Dentist?

Everybody needs to understand that the situation we find ourselves in now is not the norm and we should adjust our actions accordingly and only make use of dental or medical facilities if really necessary. Please don’t contact your dentist at this time for:

  • Mild toothache or minor discomfort – Try and use some home remedies before you contact your dentist. Medication such as paracetamol can help relieve pain. If pain persists, contact a local dentist for advice
  • Random questions – Whilst it may have been okay to ask your dentist routine questions regarding your dental health before, it may be best to leave this for a while. Your dentist may be busy with emergencies. Besides, answers to routine questions can probably be found on your local dental practice website.

When Should I Contact my Dentist?

Of course, your dentist will always be able to help if you have:

  • Had an accident that warrants emergency treatment
  • A severe infection that you need antibiotics for
  • Broken dentures
  • Severe pain that doesn’t go away in 24 hours

Ultimately, your dentist will always be on-hand to provide advice and treatment in emergency situations.

However, outside of an emergency, please think before you make an appointment for something that can be put off. Dentists, like the rest of us, are not immune to the risks of this pandemic so please only visit them if necessary.

Utilize modern technology and get tips and advice over the internet, but please make sure you get your information from reputable dentist websites or government health bodies. In the meantime, stay safe at home and look after your teeth as normal.


This article is published in partnership with Mediabuzzer.

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