Nutrition Tips to Promote Bed Sore Wound Healing

When you are recovering from a wound, nutrition is a big part of healing. With the right diet and nutrients, you will find that you recover better and faster – no matter your age.

Although some of us can’t get out to exercise like we used to, we are still able to amend our food intake to maximize our healing capacity…

Open wounds, like that caused by bedsore (pressure ulcer), are painful and difficult to treat, particularly among the elderly and infirm, advise Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, who specialize in pressure sore-related injury claims.

While you definitely should take legal action against a nursing home if the bedsore is due to neglect, its equally important to focus on healing as quickly as possible.

So what can you eat to heal better? Let’s examine our top four ways that you can eat right, to recover!

Top 4 Diet Tips for Pressure Wound Recovery

When you eat right, your body knows it. Try these four nutritional ways to heal faster the natural way.

1. Watch your Sugar Level

First of all, the diabetics among us need to be careful of the sugar levels in our blood. We won’t heal if we are up and down with the blood sugar. Regulate it, keep a close eye on it, and make sure your diet accommodates it before all else.

For those that don’t have diabetes, making sure you eat a regular, balanced meal at least three times a day seriously contributes to recovery. When you have bedsore it is an open wound and, if left untreated it won’t heal by itself.

Only a combination of medical treatment and a proper diet can fix them. Eating regularly ensures you are living up to your end of the bargain.

2. Balance that Diet

For best results when healing from wounds you need a balanced diet. That means one thing from each food group, every day. Things like fruit will bring you plenty of Vitamins, most importantly vitamin C.

This particular vitamin is used to speed the absorption of iron into the body. Iron is needed to make new red blood cells and can even contribute to the growth of new DNA!

3. All About Protein

Protein is the compound that allows you to knit and form muscle mass while you are both working and at rest. Your body converts protein into useful compounds by way of breaking it apart with amino acids.

It then goes on to produce the chemicals that power your body. To speed up the healing of open wounds like bedsores, be sure to incorporate protein at every meal.

4. Plenty of Water

Water heals your body in a way that food groups just can’t. If you have eaten too much of a particular vitamin or mineral, water washes the excess out to prevent it’s becoming toxic by degrading within your body.

Without adequate water, you don’t have this effect. In addition, staying hydrated is a big part of maintaining healthy cell functioning[i].

In summary – to give yourself the best chance at healing bedsore, maintain that healthy diet. Good health is within your grasp if you keep to your end of the deal.

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