Eye Infections

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Eyes are the focal point through which we take in the world and then respond to it. They are also one of the most sensitive areas of the body and prone to quick injury. That is why they are protected in multiple ways first by eyebrows, then eyelashes and finally eyelids. Proper protection of eyelids from physical injury is also essential to keep them healthy. But is it only physical injuries that we should be concerned about? Certainly not, because eye infections are just as, if not more, dangerous!

Eye infections are infections and diseases of the eyes and surrounding areas, which depending on the type of the infection and its intensity can cause minor inconvenience to itchiness and even inability to open the eye.

Eye infections are treated by ophthalmologists or eye doctors and clinics like Personal Eyes can help you diagnose the problem. (See also: What Are The Most Common Eye Defects?)

Diagnosing Eye Infections

Commonly, eye doctors will inspect and check your eyes for these common signs which indicate toward an infected eye. Keep in mind that not all infections show the same signs and some have distinctive symptoms. However, some of the most common signs for diagnosis are:

  1. Red eyes
  2. Irritated eyes
  3. Watery eyes
  4. Pus discharge
  5. Dry eyes
  6. Crust buildup
  7. Blood vessels burst

These are among the common signs present in a wide variety of eye infections and your ophthalmologist will diagnose you based on these symptoms. Next comes ascertaining what infection you have.

Types of Eye Infections

Types of Eye Infections

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  1. Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye
    This is the most common form of eye infection which almost everyone catches once in their life. It is an inflammation of the eye and reddening of the blood vessels due to foreign contamination, either bacterial or viral in origin. It can be mild and result in an itchy eye or be very serious and turn your eye into purple grape-producing pus and crust.
  2. Keratitis
    Unlike Pink eye, this is an infection of the cornea caused due to contamination by bacteria or viruses. This happens when they find a path to the cornea either when it is scratched or suffers some sort of injury.
  3. Sty
    It refers to a pimple or pus collection in one of the glands of the eyelid. This is generally related to the gaps in the lash line, which leaves the eyes more susceptible to being infected with bacteria, dead skin and dirt.

Treatment for Eye Infections

The above are only some of the eye infections that you can catch. There are many more out there! Treatment for them is usually through a combination of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral eye ointments, drops or oral medication.

For most infections, this mix is enough to cure the condition but some serious types require medicine to be directly injected into your eye.


Considering the sensitive yet vital nature of our eyes, it is always recommended that you go for regular checkups to ensure they are healthy and have no signs of infection. After all, prevention is always better than cure!

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