Backbone Troubles

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It goes without saying that spinal cord troubles have increased over the years. It has been forecasted by the American Chiropractic Association that as many as 80% of the population around the world is currently under the risk of developing troubles originating in the back region of our body. Studies and research conducted recently show that within a span of 25 years from 1990 to 2015, back pain issues and concerns amongst the people have risen by 54% which is quite alarming. Furthermore, it has also been revealed that around $50 billion is spent every year in America alone to tackle back pain troubles. With such a severity regarding this problem which seems to exist on a global scale, we advise you to take precautions any time soon so that you can evade these predicaments from occurring in the first place. This is why in this post we would like to offer you some great advice and some lifelong resolutions that you must promise to keep in order to restrict such sufferings from happening in your future.

Escaping Our Sedentary Lifestyles

It is a well-known fact which many back injury doctors often complain about, and that is the majority of their patients follow an inactive lifestyle. Our lives in the 21st century are rigged with 9-5 hours daily work shift. Most of us travel in a vehicle either by public or private transport. When we reach our offices we sit on our workstations, barely moving an inch at times. Our eyes, hands, and minds are glued to the smart device or equipment we have been provided to operate upon. Then when we reach homes we have adopted entertainment that is again making us lethargic and immobile. Many young adults are found to spend time watching videos online, surfing the internet, binge-watching shows, using social media, and playing video games for continuous hours. Exercise, athleticism, and sporting events have all been slowly taken away from our daily routines. This sedentary lifestyle weakens our bones and this is why the majority of people often receive injuries on their bones with time, preeminently on their wrist, hips, and backbones. What we need is a daily regimen, and weekly workout plan or some sort of physical excursion to keep our bones healthy and our bodies fit. Yoga, tai chi, going to the gym regularly, walking more, running, jogging, hiking, and swimming are some of the ways through which we can make sure that our course in the future stays clear from becoming prone to backbone injuries. (See also: Preventing Back Pain During Your Next Summer Road Trip)

Eating Healthier Foods

Unfortunately, the masses have become addict to mass consumption of junk items, fast foods, inorganic edibles, and other various meals that are processed with chemicals. Sadly no one is there to fight the right cause of promoting organic, healthier, and wholesome foods such as vegetables, fruits, and meats that are coming to us through organic means. There are almost a gazillion outlets for your try out spicy, tasty, and delicious food at the cost of your health and fitness. We get loads of messages, popups, and viral marketing gimmicks directing us to consume these unnatural food items. However, there is not a single billboard across our major towns, cities, and metropolitans which show us the benefit of eating green and leafy vegetables, or fruits that are grown without preservatives. Therefore it doesn’t come as a surprise that many of us have forgotten completely the benefits of a healthy diet. A diet that focuses on the corrector recommended intake of vital minerals and vitamins like copper, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K. In order to get this right we must sit with a proper professional like a dietician or nutritionist so that they can offer us their expert recommendations that cater to our personal and individual needs where a healthy and balanced diet is the main concern.

Getting Rid of Substance Abuse & Other Addictions

Our unhealthy cravings and vocations have always resulted in our downfall one way or the other. If you are unwilling to see through the pain that it all brings to living things like us, then it is the best time to turn a new leaf. Smoking is indeed a killer and brings a gargantuan set of diseases along with it. Chain smokers are prime suspects for falling victims to serious troubles in the future. Back pain troubles are one of the most evident forms of problems they might have to face. Similarly, alcoholism is another fatal addiction that can lead to a series of troubles like liver failure, abnormal heartbeats, blood pressure troubles, and diabetes. On the other hand, we have the young falling towards drug and substance abuse at an early age. These psychoactive drugs infuse their minds with a heap of personal and social problems. However, what most fail to acknowledge is the fact that how these drugs directly bring imbalances into your daily diets. They eat you from within like woodlice feasting on dead tree bark.

Regular Checkups & Meetings with GPs

Doctors are professionals and that is why they can offer you tremendous insights to your life regarding your mental and physical health. Many of us negate the importance of having regular checkups and take our greatest asset for granted. Over the years pollutions and global warming symptoms have risen considerably. There are more cars, factories, and lesser rainforests and naturally pure bodies of water then as compared to a century ago. With time even though medicine and technology are improving, nevertheless our planet is getting exceedingly overpopulated and polluted. As a reasonable and sensible individual, you must consider this a sign of awakening and try your level best to form habits regarding visiting doctors on a periodic basis.

We hope this post was able to offer you some great insights as to how we can prevent backbone troubles to inflict damages to our future ahead. For further queries regarding the topic please feel free to share with our orthopedic clinic with us your views in the comment section below.

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