Embarrassing Women’s Health Issues

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It’s 9 pm, you are sitting in a rather nice wine bar with a group of old friends and you’re onto your second bottle of chilled Pinot.

You’ve known these ladies for almost forever and can talk about almost anything. Almost – because even today, in an era where we share everything warts and all, there are still a few subjects that seem to be taboo.

Sexually transmitted diseases, hair loss, and real hair wigs, incontinence, the tattoo on your bum with your ex’s name on (at 17 it felt romantic)! There are some things we prefer to keep to ourselves.

You may not want to share with your friends but sometimes an “embarrassing” problem isn’t quite as mortifying as you think.

Hair Loss

You have been experiencing hair loss and have been diagnosed with Alopecia.

You are keen to check out the numerous real hair wigs that you’ve heard about but aren’t sure you like the idea of a shopping trip like that. What are you expecting?

A loud sales assistant to announce to all and sundry that you are a baldy biscuit and in desperate need of a rug to cover your shame?

Nowadays wigs are offered with a degree of sensitivity, lots of compassion, and plenty of professionalism and expert advice.

Hair loss is not uncommon and no-one will be shocked if you feel you would like to share your issue with your nearest and dearest. An authentic wig will provide confidence and assurance when you head out – looking good and feeling great.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

STI’s – not nice, not wanted, and an unfortunate by-product of unsafe sex. A condom is the only way to go if you want to protect yourself from the nasty side effects of Genital Warts, Trichomoniasis, Chlamydia, Pubic Lice, Gonorrhoea, or Genital Herps.

But if you are suffering or have suffered from an STI you already know that! In the heat of the moment, protection can easily be forgotten but the fall-out from an STI can last a long time and cause huge problems medically.

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If you suspect you have an STI you need to visit your GP or a clinic so you can receive a proper diagnosis and treatment. You do not need to share this information with friends and family, but you should contact ex-partners to fill them in.


There are different types of incontinence, these include:

Stress incontinence – you expel a little urine when you laugh or sneeze or a cough.

Urge incontinence – you feel you must wee and cannot stop.

Overflow incontinence – you struggle to empty your bladder and leak.

Total incontinence – your bladder cannot store urine.

Incontinence can be caused by many issues including childbirth, being overweight, hereditary incontinence, and reaching your twilight years (although growing old does not mean you will start leaking urine, it’s just one of the many pleasures you may experience as you age)!

You need to see your doctor if you are at all worried about incontinence. He or she may suggest pelvic floor exercises to strengthen your muscles, they may also suggest you lose weight and cut out the alcohol and caffeine (tricky but worth it if it stops the problem).

There are products specially designed to keep sufferers dry and provide peace of mind, however, a long-term solution is always better.

Adult diapers are a practical example of products that provide protection and peace of mind, as noted above. They are designed for light to heavy incontinence with different absorbency levels. Wearing adult diapers is a delicate decision to make, but it can be life-changing to do your daily tasks with fewer worries.

The Tattoo on Your Bum with Your Ex’s Name On!

Ok, so we can see why you don’t want to share this sorry tale with those around you. The good news is you can get your tattoo removed or covered by a more appropriate design.

Tattoo artists will laugh along with you at your naivety but they won’t laugh at you. They’ve seen and heard about far too many dodgy tattoos to give a second thought to the word “Bazza” stamped on your left cheek.

Book an appointment and finally eliminate Bazza from your life for good!

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It’s Good to Talk

It is good to open up and share your worries and anxieties.

However, “oversharing” is not good so please don’t rock up on social media with details of your personal ailments – you might regret it afterward and once it’s out there it’s out there!

If you have a few close people to confide in that’s great, it’s often good to receive reassurance from others and if you are skittish about going to an appointment or seeking professional help alone you can enlist their help in accompanying you.

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