Confidence is a funny thing. It can be difficult to put your finger on what brings it out in you. One thing’s for sure, though: It makes anything you’re wearing look undeniably sexier. Whether you’re wearing a plain T-shirt and boyfriend jeans or an elegant asymmetrical LBD, when you present yourself with confidence, you turn heads – period. But how does your choice of clothing play a role in that confidence boosting?

Legendary Hollywood costume designer Edith Head once famously said, “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”

The fact of the matter is that style serves as a reflection of who you are: your unique personality, values, and view of the world. And who doesn’t want to present the most confident version of themselves? Of course, what makes one person feel attractive or powerful might not work for someone else. But regardless of your personal preferences, here are some foolproof style strategies you can try to instantly feel surer of yourself.

Wear with Confidence

1. Know your assets

We all have some favorite features about ourselves. Maybe it’s your hourglass figure or your long and shapely legs. Whatever they are, you should look for clothes that shine a spotlight on those assets. So, first thing’s first: Take a look in the mirror in your favorite outfit – or just your skivvies, you choose! Now, pick at least one physical trait that makes you feel fabulous. If it’s your hips, for example, look for pieces that will accentuate those curves, such as pencil skirts and high-waisted skinny jeans. Or if you love your athletic shoulders, start seeking out some cold-shoulder, one-shoulder or off-the-shoulder tops to show them off. As for your full, feminine bust, you might try a plunge-neck bodysuit to boldly celebrate your enviable cleavage. Focusing on the positive things about yourself will help you stop obsessing over all those “flaws” or things you don’t like.

2. Make a flattering foundation with shapewear and lingerie

Just as important as the clothes you wear is what you put on underneath. After all, your lingerie serves as the foundation of your outfit – it highlights your best features, makes you feel secure and ensures that your apparel fits even better. Besides, wearing some gorgeous designer lingerie feels like your special little secret. Knowing what you have on underneath your ensemble is bound to give you a little confidence boost in any situation, whether it’s a board meeting or date night at that new wine bar. It can be worth it to invest in some shapewear for smoothing out your silhouette under certain form-fitting outfits as well. Shapewear is designed to make sure that your garments hang flawlessly on your figure, so it’s ideal for those special occasions.

shapewear and lingerie

3. Get out of your comfort zone

Sure, it can be tempting to stick with what you know when it comes to style. And there’s nothing wrong with having some standbys, whether that’s black distressed jeans and an oversized sweater or a knit shift dress with a denim jacket. Still, when it comes to revving up the confidence, it’s worth taking a style risk once in a while. Remember: clothes are not meant to be taken too seriously – they offer a way to express yourself, and if you have fun putting together an outfit, it will definitely show. And who knows? You might be surprised by what makes you feel sexy. While it may feel daring at first to don that sleeveless duster jacket or leather midi skirt, odds are, you’ll be glad you pushed yourself out of your fashion comfort zone.

fashion comfort zone

4. Don’t overlook the classics

There’s a reason certain pieces simply never go out of style: They’re universally flattering, failsafe options when you want to feel stunning. So, don’t hesitate to play it safe sometimes. A little black dress, some nude pumps, an edgy leather jacket, an elegant trench, equestrian boots, and a white button-down are just a sampling of the style staples you’ll no doubt be super grateful to have in your wardrobe when you want to look effortlessly chic. And as an added bonus, the inherent simplicity of these items means they’re super versatile – you can mix and match them with more trendy, eclectic pieces to make a statement. For example, a bright jeweled collar necklace looks eye-catching against an LBD. And a white button-down looks instantly more intriguing with an electric cobalt blue pencil skirt. The bottom line? You can wear these classic pieces with confidence because they’re oh-so-timeless, meaning they’ll never stop turning heads.

5. Dress for YOU

There’s no denying that a compliment from someone — be it your significant other, a coworker or a total stranger — can do wonders for your confidence. But you should mostly be thinking about pleasing yourself as opposed to others when you get dressed. Ultimately, it won’t matter how someone else sees you if you don’t feel 100 percent fabulous in what you’re wearing. So before settling on an outfit, be sure to ask yourself whether you’re dressing for you. While it may feel nice to hear someone comment on your body-hugging dress or curve-enhancing jeans, nothing beats feeling empowered without needing anyone else’s approval.

Confidence isn’t something you can fake, but it is something you can amplify – with the right wardrobe and the right frame of mind. Keep these style tips in mind next time you’re picking out your #OOTD and you’re bound to pull together an attention-grabbing ensemble. Just don’t forget: It all starts with your mindset. So long as you remember to celebrate what makes you uniquely sexy, your inner confidence is bound to radiate outward. (See also: Here’s Why Your Fashion Sense Plays a Crucial Role in Stress Management)

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