Important Essentials Of First Aid Kit

It is very important for a person to have a first aid kit at his home or while they are traveling so that one can deal with minor accidents and injuries.

Hansaplast India has various types of first aid kits – handy first aid kits, and traveling first aid which contains bandages, and other supplies to treat injuries.

First aid kits can have a lot of different items which can help a person in many different ways.

However, there are a few basic things that one should carry in the first aid kit which can provide you temporary relief until you are being attended by medical services.

A basic first aid kit could be a small pouch or box and should always be stored in a cool and dry place, and also out of the reach of children.

Basic things you should carry in your first aid

Let’s have a look at some of the most common first aid essentials that you can carry along with you and can be used in any situation.

These First Aid Kits can easily be purchased from any medical supplier and can make a lot of difference in providing immediate medical relief.


One of the most necessary items that should be a part of your first aid kit is a sterile gauze dressing which would help you to cover the wound and save it from any kind of dust and infection. It is one of the most important first aid essentials that you should carry in the kits.

Similarly, you should also have multiple types of bandages like a triangular bandage, crepe rolled bandage, and safety pins to make sure that they hold their shape when you apply them.

Disinfectants and spirits

Disinfectants and spirits

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Another important item that should be a part of your first aid kit is a roll of cotton and spirit or disinfectant to clean the wound. A fresh wound is suspected to catch infection very soon since it opens up the layers of the outer skin and releases blood.

In such cases, cotton applied with disinfectant can be applied on the wound to make sure that it does not get worse or is infected by any kind of bacteria. One should make sure to get a good quality medical spirit or disinfectant.

Tools and equipment

Apart from these, you can also add some equipment that is necessary for certain things. Equipment like tweezers, scissors, tape, and safety pins are much needed in cases where a bandage needs to be applied or something that has penetrated the skin needs to be taken out. These are also used to cut the bandages and help them to stay in their place after the bandage has been done.

Medicines and sprays

Medicines and sprays

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Apart from the items that can help you cover the wounds, you can also carry things like pain spray, antiseptic creams, painkillers, etc. It will make sure that even though your injury is not visible on the outside, you do not have to suffer from pain due to injuries that have affected the internal muscles or organs.

Also, keeping a kit of basic medicines will help you to immediately get relief from any kind of medical condition immediately until you go to a doctor.

Hot and Cold treatment package

If you some additional space in your first aid kit, then it would be suggested that you should carry a space blanket or something that can give you immediate warmth as well. Space blankets are very thoughtful and can easily be packed into small spaces.

Although thin, it can be used to provide the person with enough warmth in certain cases. Apart from that, having a cold press packet would also help in cases of internal wounds and other scenarios.

Good quality first aid case

Apart from all the things that you should carry in the first aid kit, make sure that you have a good case that would carry all the items.

All the first aid items should have a proper fit into it and the box should be durable enough to survive and keep the things inside safe in case of an accident or fall.

It should be easier for a person to locate a precise object inside the first aid kit and also make sure not to add any item inside it that is made up of glass, such as medicine or disinfectant bottles.


These are some of the most basic things that should be a part of your first aid kit and something that you should always carry with you in any case.

If you do not want to build your own medical kit, then you can get one from the medical supplier, which has all the important things added to it.

You will find all the necessary medicines and bandages in those medical kits which will cover almost all types of situations that you might come across at home or while traveling and will take care of the situation till the time you get medical attention from the professionals.

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