Vaporizing Weed Efficiently

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Living at a time where we have so many options, it only makes sense to have the same with our cannabis intake. For many years’ people have only been able to properly smoke it or eat it. However, vaping gives you a safer alternative to being able to live a healthy life. Smoking cannabis has been done for so long, many people already know how to go about it. However, vaporizers are still fairly new so getting optimal vapor isn’t always easy. King Pen Vapes wanted to put 10 tips together to show you how to go about vaporizing marijuana.

1. Dry herbs

First and foremost, it’s crucial to check if the weed or dry herb you’re using has the correct moisture content. Anything too wet or damp and your vaporizer is going to have a hard time heating up herbs.

The same goes for the herb that is too dry. Vaporizing relies on heating the herb until it’s active ingredients reach a specific temperature. That moisture evaporates and carries the compounds through the resulting vapor. Using herb that’s too dry will result in poor vapor production.

The easiest method to check out the moisture content of a bud is to touch it. If it feels damp, moist, or dry to the point where the herb feels powdery, it’s most likely not the best herb you can use for vaporizing.

You always want to make sure you use dry herbs when vaping. This will help the herbs turn into vapor without using higher temperatures. Most herbal vapes will come with temperature control settings. This feature helps when you use different herbs that have different moistures. Using lower temperatures will help with battery life along with putting less strain on the vape. Keep your batteries stress-free.

2. Glass jar to dry it

One factor that most overlook is proper drying, curing, and storing of their precious herb. You’ll need to maintain a clean and dust-free environment to get the most out of your bud. It’s also important to ensure that the storage environment is neither too dry nor too humid. Mold spores and various allergens thrive on excess moisture, and that’s the last thing you want on your herb, considering you’ll be vaping it.

The best and easiest solution is to store the herb in a glass jar along with a humidity pack. Humidity packs are awesome for this purpose as they come in a wide variety of RH level (relative humidity) options which you can easily find online. Humidifiers let you efficiently and effectively store your herb in an optimal environment for longer periods of time.

3. Grind it up really well

To do this step properly, you’re going to need a proper weed grinder. A common mistake made is grinding up more weed than what your vaporizer’s chamber can accommodate. Ground up herb doesn’t store very well and ends up drying much quicker, so only grind up what you need.

When you’re grinding up the herb, you’re going after an even and medium grind. This ensures that the heat produced from the vaporizer is evenly distributed throughout the ground up plant matter. You might be tempted to grind the herb to a fine powder-like consistency. This only results in making it harder for heat to penetrate through the herb and inconsistent vapor production.

4. Use a grinder with more teeth

Using a grinder with more teeth eliminates the chances of inconsistent ground up weed. Lower quality grinders usually have only a few teeth which can result in your ground up herb having large chunks not chopped up, while the rest has already achieved optimal consistency. Attempting to grind up the larger chunks will leave you with the majority of the herb too finely ground up for optimal use with a vaporizer.

5. Don’t pack it too tight

Packing the chamber too tight will make it more difficult for your bud to heat up evenly, as this drastically reduces the airflow within the chamber.

The key to achieving a dank and consistent vape is to let your leaf sit a bit lose inside the chamber and only fill it up to around 80-90 percent of the total chamber size. Doing this ensures that heat travels smoothly within the chamber, evenly heating up. It also vaporizes the herb, resulting in a much better vape.

6. Use a convection type vaporizer

While conduction type vaporizers tend to be cheaper and more portable, they’re not very good at distributing heat evenly. As the name implies, a conduction type vaporizer works by heating up the herb through direct contact with the heating element, making it much more difficult to get a more consistent vape.

A convection type vaporizer, on the other hand, heats up the air within the chamber where the weed is held.  The herb heats up more evenly and it also reduces the chances of accidentally combusting or burning your leaf.

7. Inhale it lightly

This isn’t your typical e-cigarette where it’s common to take long and hard drags off the mouthpiece in order to produce the maximum amount of vapor. The secret to getting an efficiently vaped bud is a slow healing process. That’s something which can’t be forced or rushed by sucking on the mouthpiece as if it had a tapioca pearl jammed inside.

Short and light puffs work best in this case, making sure that the herb doesn’t fly up from the chamber into your mouthpiece. Gentle puffs also ensure that you aren’t sucking out much of the necessary heat which is required to heat your weed properly. The more heat that’s lost means that your vaporizer is going to work double time to keep up that optimal vaping temperature, often resulting in a poor quality vaping experience, not to mention an overall decline of your vaporizers lifespan.

8. Find the right temperature

Getting the temperature just right is one of the most crucial steps when it comes to achieving a good quality vape. There isn’t any single temperature setting that will work for everyone as there are a lot of different factors in play such as the strain of bud you’re using, the size of the chamber, and the effect that you’re looking to get out of each vaping session.

For the sake of simplicity though, we’re going to recommend starting at 180°C or 356°F, see how it hits, then work your way up to a maximum of 210°C or 410°F. Any higher than that and you’re bound to burn your bud which is always a no-go when it comes to vaping.

9. Preheat your vape

It’s always a good idea to let your vaporizer reach its desired temperature before taking a puff. Vaping too early will only make it harder for your vaporizer to heat up the bud, resulting in significantly less THC and CBD being extracted from the leaf. It’s understandable to be in a rush, but if you take the time and let your vaporizer pre-heat properly, the payoff will definitely be worth it.

10. Clean your vape

Just like any precision instrument, the vaporizer works best when clean. You get a much better vaping experience when using a properly maintained device. You’ll also get more out of your bud as well as your vaporizer by making sure everything is clean on the inside.

Failing to maintain your vaporizer will allow useless buildup to get in the way of both optimal flavor and vapor production, so don’t forget to give not only the chamber but also the mouthpiece a good cleaning every so often, especially if you feel that you feel that vapor performance feels diminished. Pretty much every vaporizer kit out there has a cleaning tool or brush included so don’t be afraid to use it!

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