First dental visit of your kid

Taking youngsters to the dentist is known to be one of the most challenging tasks for parents.

Children aren’t exactly fond of the strange smells in the office, the terrifying sound of the drilling machine, and the strangers wearing uniforms.

In order for your child not to fear dental appointments, you’re encouraged to use the services of a pediatric dentist.

These professionals are both qualified and trained to take care of oral health in children of different ages, ranging from infants to teenagers. They use diminutive tools, operate in kid-friendly offices, and employ special methods to reduce fear in young patients.

There is a multitude of pediatric dentist offices, such as, providing detection, treatment, and prevention of dental issues in children.

Take a look at the importance of taking your child to such a specialist.

Proper Education and Training

Unlike family dentists, pediatric professionals undergo additional training over a period of two to three years, following the four-year period of attending dental school. In the course of the additional training, they get an insight into the psychology and growth of infants, children, and teenagers.

Moreover, these professionals are experts at handling dental issues related to developing teeth, growing gums, and other problems specific to kids. For instance, they are proficient at handling over-retained baby teeth whose loss is delayed more than usual, as well as dealing with cavities.

Proper education and training

Additionally, pediatric dentists acquire special training for handling wisdom teeth in teenagers, whose repair treatment and removal can be complicated.

When children are required to undergo invasive dental treatments, these pediatric professionals are trained in administering the right level of sedation in order to make the procedure less painful.

Taking your child to a pediatric dentist indicates getting the best possible care for its primary teeth, even though these would be later replaced with adult teeth.

Just because these milk teeth are bound to fall out, it doesn’t mean they’re supposed to be neglected. Since their enamel is much thinner, dental experts have to be extra careful when addressing any kind of issue.

Fortunately, pediatric dentists are specialists at performing various treatments to deciduous teeth without damaging the enamel even further. Click here to learn when deciduous teeth are expected to erupt and shed in children.

Kid-friendly Offices

Another important reason for taking your child to a doctor that specializes in pediatric dentistry is providing a welcoming atmosphere for kids of all ages.

Instead of the sterile medical environment, children are welcomed by colorful waiting and examination rooms that distract their minds from the upcoming dental treatment.

Since no child is fond of attending dental appointments, pediatric dentists strive to provide a positive and comfortable experience for every kid that enters their facilities.

Their offices are designed to induce no fear in youngsters, owing to the walls in cheerful colors, covered with cartoon characters and animals, as well as the myriad of toys left for them to play with.

The purpose of designing such waiting rooms is to keep kids engaged and entertained before taking a seat in the dentist’s chair.

Kid-friendly offices

Moreover, the examination rooms of these professionals are equipped with small-sized dental tools, which are particularly designed for dental treatments in children.

Youngsters find these tiny tools less intimidating than the ones of standard size. It’s also common for parents to bring their kids to the office a few days prior to the appointment in order for them to get familiar with the place and meet the dentist.

Excellent Pain and Fear Management

Youngsters are known for throwing tantrums in dental offices due to the fear of experiencing pain in the course of the treatment.

They’re likely to interrupt the procedure an endless number of times, be fidgety, or scream at the top of their voice. Therefore, parents are encouraged to take their children to experts in pediatric dentistry, who specialize in minimizing pain and fear in youngsters.

Furthermore, these professionals are trained in handling dental procedures with the utmost care and patience in order to cause no extra fear.

In most cases, pediatric dentists ask parents to leave their kids inside the examination room and wait for them outside, unless the young patients get extremely fussy.

Their goal is for children to feel comfortable during the procedure, as it’s the only way to prevent the commonplace fear of going to the dentist from a young age.

Specialized Dental Tools

Unlike family dentists, pediatric professionals are armed with specialized, diminutive dental tools, which are identical to the ones for adults, but considerably smaller in size.

The dimensions of these tools vary in accordance with the age of young patients, hence being different for infants and teenagers.

It’s important to keep in mind that pediatric dentists don’t use tools whose size is larger than the mouths of patients.

In order to minimize the kids’ fear of particular dental tools, these professionals demonstrate some of these tools to young patients, usually the ones involved in the procedure.

By amusingly explaining their functions, children are less likely to feel afraid of the upcoming procedure.

Knowing the curious nature of youngsters helps these specialists prepare for the myriad of questions kids ask both prior and following the treatment.

Act as Counselors

Apart from handling dental treatments and procedures, pediatric dentists are also known to be excellent counselors regarding bad dental habits.

Many youngsters end up developing bad habits such as thumb sucking, which causes gradual damage to their teeth. Since most parents often face difficulties in helping their kids break such bad habits, they can ask for the assistance of pediatricians.

In addition, you can schedule an appointment with your pediatric dentist in order for him/her to discuss the consequences of thumb sucking with your child in a simple manner.

Bear in mind that the purpose of these conversations is not for pediatricians to intimidate kids but make them understand the damage done by bad dental habits by using a friendly tone.

Moreover, these professionals also teach youngsters about maintaining good oral hygiene, which is indispensable for children to practice from a young age.

They teach young patients how to properly wash their teeth and how often they are supposed to practice this habit, which is of tremendous importance to parents.

Friendly Staff

Working with a friendly staff is yet another indispensable reason for trusting the oral health of your child to an expert in pediatric dentistry.

The entire personnel, not just the doctors, are trained and qualified to work with youngsters, welcoming them with a huge smile and friendly voice.

Furthermore, the staff in these offices has the necessary training to handle even the most challenging situations, when kids become surprisingly hysterical.

Their calmness, soothing voice, and patience are crucial for preventing the hysterical behavior of children interfere with the procedure.

Even if your child has dentophobia, these professionals are capable of helping him/her overcome the fear of coming to the office.

Bottom Line

Make sure the first dental visit of your kid is enjoyable. It’s important for him/her to see the office and staff before the appointment.

Choose a patient, soothing, educated, experienced, and fun-loving professional!

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