Eating and Drinking

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Our bodies are very complex. From the intricate workings of our inner organs to the powerful muscles that allow us to move around, every part of our body is doing mind-blowing things. So it makes sense that what we fuel our bodies with can be complex, too. There is an incredible number of vitamins out there, and lots of them have strange names like “cobalamin” and “selenium.” Our bodies need dozens upon dozens of different vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, and other essentials, and our bodies react differently to different drugs and supplements.

So when it comes to eating right, taking the right supplements, and avoiding the bad stuff that can hurt our health, things can sometimes seem overwhelmingly complicated. Happily, relatively few simple rules can help us sort things out again. Here’s what you need to know about the most important things that you ingest.

How to eat healthily

When we talk about the fuel that we put into our bodies, we’re mostly talking about the food that we eat. There’s some bad news on this front: Study after study has proven that our American diet is full of junk that hurts our bodies and causes us to gain excessive weight.

But the good news is that eating healthy is a relatively simple thing to do, albeit one that will take a little bit of willpower and some smart decision-making. Good foods are loaded up with vitamins and minerals, so you generally won’t have to calculate your daily values of dozens of different nutrients as long as you’re eating a varied and healthy diet. If you’re eating a lot of salads and various other vegetable-based meals while skipping most of the processed junk food, then you’ll be getting your vitamins and minerals pretty reliably, no spreadsheet required.

Alcohol and your health

Alcohol is everywhere in our culture, but it’s not always a healthy choice. It is well-established that excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous, and that chronic heavy drinking can lead to terrible long-term health consequences.

On the flip side, studies have shown that moderate alcohol consumption can be good for you. Alcohol can strengthen your heart health and is even connected to higher rates of exercise. And, of course, alcohol can be a very enjoyable thing.

So, by all means, stop by your local liquor store and pick out a nice bottle to have with dinner. But do be mindful of how much booze you’re putting away, and be aware that some forms of alcohol (like beer) have a lot of calories that are just itching to turn into extra pounds on your waistline.

Supplements and home remedies

Hopefully, you listen to your doctor and take any medication prescribed to you. And if you took the advice above, you’re also putting good food into your body along with a sensible and enjoyable amount of alcohol. But there’s still one more thing you should consider: supplements.

Supplements are not designed to treat or cure any specific illness, but can nevertheless be a very big part of your overall health picture. Examine a multivitamin, for instance. If you take one every day, it can help ensure that your body is getting all of the vitamins and nutrients that it needs.

Such examples include CBD products. CBD products like SelectCBD are derived from marijuana but won’t get you high. Instead, such supplements will help you relax and may be useful for treating anxiety. CBD is widely legal and available without a prescription, so it’s easy to make it a part of your healthy routine. You can read through online reviews from actual users or industry professionals to find a supplement that best caters to your needs.

What you put into your body matters. Consider the tips mentioned above to ensure you are following a healthy diet that fuels your body in the best way possible.

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