Vaping the modern alternative for smoking, even though relatively new, is quickly becoming widely popular. It goes hand in hand with the growing popularity of cannabis use and they seem to make a good couple.

Many cannabis consumers nowadays are using the vaping method to inhale their THC or CBD for medical purposes. Moreover, the ongoing vaping trend intimidates many to try vaping marijuana for recreational purposes. Many of them along with the researches made have stated that there is a significant difference between vaping and smoking marijuana.

So is there a “better” choice when it comes to vaping or smoking marijuana? Depending on the needs and expectations of the consumer this is a rather very objective preference. However, both ways have their pros and we will discuss them in the text below.


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Vaping Marijuana

As the name implies vaping is a process of inhaling the vapor produced by heating. In this case heating of the dry marijuana to a temperature that is below the point of combustion with the help of a device specifically designed for that purpose called vaporizer – weed pen. The vapor that is produced is inhaled through a mouthpiece.

The heating process converts the active marijuana ingredientscannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenoids – into an inhalable vapor.

The difference of the heating process and the heating temperature provides different processes of conversion which results in different sensations. The experience is very subjective due to the type of smokers and their preferences.

Vaping Marijuana Pros

Controlling of the burning temperature:

  1. It makes it safer and not harmful to your health
  2. Temperature management helps in releasing of different aromas (different terpenes have a different boiling point)

Flavorsome experience – as mentioned before, temperature management and different strain choices can give you different and enjoyable flavors.

Greater Efficiency – vaporizers help to extract all the cannabinoids slowly and efficiently. You won’t lose 20-50% of the compounds due to combustion which is the case with smoking. Also, you can reuse the vaped bud later (for edibles, tea or smoother vaping experience).

It is very discreet

  1. It doesn’t produce a strong odor and can be used anywhere
  2. Your rooms and clothes won’t be stinking for days

Smoking Marijuana – The Traditional Way

Smoking marijuana is closely related to the ritual of grinding, rolling, packing and smoking of the joint. For many people, this is a huge part of recreational use. You can roll up a joint and smoke it anywhere without having to carry your vaporizer around with you.

The heat in the smoking process also converts the marijuana ingredients but in this case into smoke that is far stronger and can be harsh for the respiratory system.

Smoking Marijuana Pros

Intense effect – the high burning temperatures that occur with smoking are responsible for an instant intense and euphoric THC effect.

It’s cheaper – you won’t need to spend a lot of money to buy a good vaporizer that is required for safe use. You can purchase cheap rolling paper and smoke whenever you have a pot.

It requires the ritual – loved by many who love to indulge in the THC experience the ritual is also stated to be an addictive part of the process. Many smokers won’t switch to vaping because they love to take the time to grind the pot, roll the joint themselves and smoke it.

The learning process – the smoking process comes very naturally to every person. The vaping practice may require some time for learning and experience in order to become enjoyable.

Vaping or Smoking What is Healthier?

When it comes to health concerns studies are constantly undertaken to prove the side effects of vaping as for smoking it is stated that it can have harmful effects.

The burning of a dry herb – in this case, marijuana produces many by-products such as tar, toxins, irritants, and carcinogens. Therefore, smoking marijuana can be harmful and can cause irritation, inflammation, and damage to the respiratory system.

By vaping, you can reduce the exposure to the harmful compounds as the burning temperatures are lower and can easily be controlled. As vaping nicotine is stated to be 90% safer than smoking the same goes for marijuana, taking in consideration that vaporizers are most-commonly recommended for medical use of cannabis.

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