For some people getting in shape isn’t possible through just dieting and exercise. The human body can store up fat cells in such a way that the cells are stubborn. Often when particular pockets of fat remain stubborn people think the only option for getting their body in shape is surgery.

With new technology, however, it is possible to get in shape and get rid of stubborn fat deposits without having to undergo surgery. Non-surgical liposuction techniques, like laser lipo, are increasingly popular. Forms of fat-blasting like this also offer new benefits.

What are the Main Ways to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat?

The basics of burning fat stay the same: exercise and dieting. These measures naturally get rid of stored fat because intense exercise with smart dieting causes your body to burn the stored fat for fuel and energy. The trouble is, your body can use lots of stored nutrients for energy. Further, some fatty cells just don’t get accessed by your body for energy as much.

As a result of the way the body works, you can actually get in shape physically and still have fatty deposits that just won’t go away. Common examples are “love handles” which pack fat on the sides of the back above the buttocks or “overhang” fat pockets on the belly. These stubborn fat pockets require a more strategic approach.

Surgical procedures can allow doctors to remove fatty pockets through liposuction. There are a variety of different liposuction techniques, some of which are minimally invasive or non-surgical.

Why Liposuction?

Performed by a cosmetic surgeon or trained doctor, liposuction is a professional service. It is scientific and has proven results. Typically, liposuction is an outpatient procedure. Some health insurance programs or companies cover the cost.

There are two main reasons people choose liposuction:

  1. They are obese and, despite working out and dieting, need medical help to get healthy
  2. They are fit but want to sculpt their body contours and fat is getting in the way

What Is Non-Surgical Liposuction?

London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic has pioneered several non-surgical liposuction techniques that are minimally invasive. Many use CO2, lasers, infrared, or radio frequency techniques to blast fat and shape the body. Each of these techniques works to weaken and break down fat cells from the outside in. As a result, the doctor performing the surgery can sculpt the body with targeted fat-blasting.

In many cases, these procedures do require some localize anesthetic and a tiny incision. However, they result in only minor bruising and bleeding and are considered so minimally invasive that they are not considered surgical.

What are the Benefits to Non-Surgical Fat-Blasting?

The most obvious benefit of non-surgical liposuction is that you can remove stubborn fat and sculpt your body without having to have full-scale surgery. This reduces risks such as bleeding and bruising. Recovery time is often significantly less as well.

As far as results go, non-surgical liposuction techniques offer the benefit of potentially tightening the affected skin so that there is less sagging around the sculpted area. Further, because non-surgical liposuction is very targeted, the procedure tends to allow doctors and patients to create customized, specifically sculpted body shapes.

How Long Do the Effects of Liposuction Work?

Although it can be highly effective, liposuction is not a magic option. If you choose to have the non-surgical technique employed to sculpt your body you will have to work to maintain that in-shape figure. Exercise and a healthy diet can prevent fat cells from being stored in the areas again and can also lead to contouring through muscle growth.

About The Author:

Bethany McIlrath has several years of experience writing about and practicing healthy living techniques. An avid reader and researcher at heart, Bethany knows how work can force a sedentary lifestyle.

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