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Many people relate boxing to violence, and as a result, completely miss the fact that it is an amazing workout and doesn’t require you to have to fight someone.

Boxing is one of the most intense workouts there is that can help you tone up, lose weight, and even build muscle.

If you’ve ever seen boxers weigh-in, you know they are always in tremendous shape. Before we get into how to let’s talk about why you should include boxing in your workout.

Why You Should Be Adding Boxing to Your Workout

Boxing is a workout that trains both the physical and mental aspects of your being. It can help you become a better, fitter, and more confident you. Here are some things a boxing workout can help you with.

A Fun Way to Burn Calories

The first and probably most obvious benefit is that it is an amazing form of cardiovascular exercise. It works your heart, your lungs, and makes you work up a vicious sweat.

If you’re 175 pounds, a 30-minute punching bag workout can help you burn 306 calories! You’d have to run 2-3 miles to do the same if you were just jogging.

Boxing is much less mundane than a typical jog and can help you burn just as much if not more calories.

Increase Endurance

If a pretty fit person got into the ring to fight, they would last 3 minutes at most. If they’re in really good shape, they might make it into the second round.

Fighting is one of the most labor-intensive activities there is, and professional fighters are able to do it for 45 minutes. When it comes to having endurance, boxers are at the top of the food chain along with other combat sports athletes.

The best part is that it is more than just cardio endurance, but muscle endurance as well. Boxing helps you build a much more well-rounded endurance that revolves around more than good lungs.

Self Defense = Self Confidence

One of the things that boxing will provide you with ongoing practice is the ability to defend yourself, and this, whether you knew it or not, will turn to confidence in just about every area of your life, even something as simple as attending a party.

Knowing how to use your body as a weapon gives you an edge over the average person, and your body language will show it.

During Matt Damon’s preparation for the “Bourne Identity,” the director had Matt train boxing for 6 months, not because they would use it in the scenes, but because he wanted him to have the same walk that boxers do.

Engage Your Core

If you’ve ever seen a fighter, you’ve seen a six-pack. Boxers have a tremendous center of gravity that comes from their core.

Every punch involves a rotation of your hips and engagement of your core. It is the perfect multifaceted workout that will train multiple parts of your body and overall being in a very fun way.

On top of all the physical benefits, it can also help you clear your mind and relieve stress.

The Boxing Workout for Average Gym Goer

Keep in mind, I’m not saying you should go out there and train like a pro fighter. There is no need to do that in order to get the entire benefit of a boxing workout. Here are some typical exercises you can do.

Jump Rope

Fighters jump rope in order to strengthen their cardio, foot endurance, and foot speed. You will get all the same benefits, but you will mostly be doing it to burn calories, increase endurance, and enhance your legs and calves. It’s one of the best workouts for your calves and burns more calories than running.

You do it one of two ways:

  1. 3 Minutes intervals with 1-minute brakes, mimicking a fighting round.
  2. 10 minutes straight

For an extra challenge, do 10 pushups every time you mess up.

Shadow Boxing

This is an exercise that most people will feel weird doing at first, but it can be super fun once you get into it. Basically you just stand anywhere you want, get into your boxing stance, and start throwing combinations in the air.

This helps fighters to train their balance and punch speed. For you, it will be a great core and stability workout. If you want an extra workout for your shoulders and arms, a shadow box with 1-5 pound weights.

For this exercise, you will do 3, 3-minute rounds with 1-minute breaks.

Shadow Boxing
Photo by Ashutosh Sonwani from Pexels

Heavy Bag/Mitts

One of the most fun boxing exercises involves hitting something that doesn’t hit back. In this case, it will be between the heavy bag or mitts.

Mitts are only something you can do with a partner, while a heavy bag can be done solo. I recommend always wrapping your hands and wearing gloves to avoid injury, especially if you’re not an experienced puncher.

This workout should be your main focus and should be done for 3 to 5 rounds, 3 minutes apiece with 1-minute breaks. You can go all out on the bag or try different heavy bag drills.

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While bodyweight exercises are not exclusive to boxing, boxers use it as their main form of strength training. If you do them like a boxer, in high rep, high-intensity fashion, then you could both build muscle and improve your cardio.

Basically you want to do 1 set per minute of each of the following exercises to failure.

5 sets of pull-ups

5 sets of push-ups

5 sets of squats (bodyweight)

5 sets of sit-ups

This entire circuit should take about 20 minutes to complete.

End With a Cool Down

The best way to end a boxing workout is with a cooldown of some sort of relaxing cardio of ten minutes.

Either do some walking, jogging or jump on the bike. Once you do your ten minutes, stretch and you’re done!

It’s Worth Your Time

All of this can be done in under an hour and will leave you feeling nice and sore the next day. You will have worked muscles you never knew you had and yet, you will want to do it again as soon as you can move. Give boxing a shot and you won’t regret it.

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