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Happiness is hard to define, as it is a state of mind. Different things make different people feel happy, so the reasons why we feel one way or another are something deeply personal. However, happiness has some kind of a universal appeal – everyone wants to feel it, but nobody really knows how to reach it.

Yet, we won’t jut out into abstract quiddities. There are small and simple practices you can do to feel yourself better at this present time. Let’s discuss some of them.

1. Have enough rest

Rest makes a big difference, so you have to take care of getting enough amounts of sleep and silent hours in your life.

Did you know that a lack of sleep blocks positive thoughts and good memories (still, bad memories flaw just fine)? People, who ignore the necessity of enough rest are amenable to negative feelings like annoyance and anxiety. Sometimes, a small nap in the afternoon can make a big difference.

Going into details, it is worth noting that a lack of sleep factors into depression and other psychiatric disorders, while enough rest increases self-esteem and optimism, as well as an ability to cope with problems.

2. Sustain your relationships with beloved ones

People are 100% social creatures, therefore friends and relatives mean a lot in life. More hours spent with your beloved ones will make you feel happier for sure. Most experts say that getting enough communication with surrounding people delivers from worries and increase self-efficacy.

3. Do exercises

Even a small 30-minute walk or morning exercises can give you a boost of energy. Moreover, these are great practices to improve your health. Studies show that once you get moving, the endorphins start flowing and you feel better about yourself. So choose something you really like and go for it!

4. Smile and laugh

Fake smiles worsen your mood. However, a sincere smile evoked by positive thoughts will make you happier. Smile at others and get smiles in return and this will create a positive loop in your daily life (and lives of other people).

5. Help those who need your help

Your psychological well-being might be improved by volunteering and acts of kindness. Helping others keeps you active and puts you into social collaboration, both of which make you happier. Help your colleagues with different tasks, help your family with domestic work or help your classmates in college with master’s thesis writing.

Also, this will certainly give you a “helper’s high” effect and a sense of purpose. Doing kind things also releases the hormones of happiness like oxytocin and lowers stress hormones like cortisol.

6. Plan a trip

Sometimes, planning a trip is a great source of happiness, even if you are not actually going to take one.

Studies show that people feel the happiest at the stage of planning their vacation. During the actual vacation, the level of happiness becomes lower than it was at the previous stage and returns to a baseline after the vacation is over.

7. Be thankful

If you are thankful for what you have, you can cope with stressful situations better. Indeed, it is much easier to keep on going and reach your goals if you are armed with a positive power of gratitude. If you are not that kind of person, just try writing down what you are grateful for every day. This will give you more inspiration, optimism, and energy.

8. Meditation

Meditate to calm your nerves, increase the level of your inner peace and keep your mind focused. Experts claim that meditation can even change your brain on a physical level, encouraging an increase in self-awareness and compassion while decreasing the level of fear. (See also: How to Use Yoga and Meditation to Overcome Depression and Anxiety)

9. Give up drinking alcohol

Okay, maybe you only enjoy a bottle of beer in the Friday’s evening, but we suggest scaling this habit back. Alcohol is actually a depressant and regular wine parties will make your emotional background dim.

Drinking brings you a sense of relaxation and enjoyment for a short period of time, but this raids the reserves destined to support your everyday well-being. So, once you burn these resources in one evening, they will come out of nowhere tomorrow.

10. Don’t compare yourself to others

Facebook and other social networks make people display the best parts of their lives. After scrolling their pages and looking at them being happy, you may have a fake feeling that actually nobody feels upset by themselves and everyone has a better life than you. Remember that this is just an illusion. So make sure to use your social networks to connect with your friends, not to compare yourself to others.

There are small changes you can incorporate into your life to feel happier. Of course, there is no universal recipe for everyone, but we encourage you to try these tips out and find something that fits you. Start with changing at least something in your life, be it an additional hour of sleep or an everyday walk. These small things might be the first steps to the greater changes to better.

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