10 Unpopular Ways to Improve Brain Power

As we’ve gone through this particular article, we’ve found several different ways to improve brain power, all of which have been rather odd.

Despite the odd stature of these tips, they all seem to be doing the trick, and as odd as they might appear to be, until you try them for yourself, don’t knock them!

10 Unpopular Ways to Improve Brain Power

For anyone who didn’t have the time to look through each one, here’s a very brief summary of each one.

1. Switch Your Hands

By primarily using your dominant hand, your brain eventually gets used to all the mundane tasks you wouldn’t need to think about accomplishing.

By forcing a switch, your brain must adapt to the new challenge, thus creating more neural pathways and improving overall brain power.

2. Take New Routes

Whenever taking the same, regular route, your brain simply doesn’t pay much attention, and thus won’t see any improvement from the lack of stimulation.

If you choose to take an unfamiliar pathway, it will activate the hippocampus and cortex in your brain, leading to an increase in stimulation and brain power.

3. Learn Something New

By choosing to learn one new task and becoming good at it, you will create neural pathways that will remain there.

The positive effects of this tactic will be diminishing if you decide to focus on multiple tasks, as spreading yourself too thin will not help in the slightest.

4. Quit Multitasking

Research has shown that multitasking is, in fact, a negative process for the brain to undertake.

Instead of multitasking, simply focus on one task at a time, until you complete it.

Otherwise, both tasks are more likely to have some form of mistake involved.

5. Ask Questions

Asking questions is a great way to skip to the knowledge that you want to know.

By asking questions whenever you wish to know the answer can greatly improve your understanding of a subject, regardless of how silly it could be.

Asking a question only helps in the long run!

6. Stop Watching TV

It has been proven that watching TV lowers verbal IQ scores, depending on how much TV you do watch.

While it’s egregious to suggest that you outright cut TV from your life, limiting the amount of time you spend watching it can have positive effects.

7. Play N-Back

N-back or Dual N-Back is nothing more than a 10-15-minute task, but by playing the brain game once or twice a day can vastly improve your intelligence, as it improves just how many items can be retained in your memory. See the best brain training apps for more details.

8. Lift Weight Once a Week

While it may seem like a strange suggestion, lifting weights does have a positive effect on your mental knowledge.

Simply lifting weights once a week, raises heart rate and enhances blood flow to the brain.

9. Sleep Well or Take a Short Nap

A good night’s rest or a short nap is a great way to retain information in a way you might not have realized.

By sleeping after acquiring new information, the likelihood of it being retained is increased and is much more beneficial for you than an overnight study session, where no sleep is taken.

10. Eat Wild Salmon At Least Once a Week

Wild Salmon have Omega-3 fatty acids naturally, something we as a species typically lack, but require to help our body and brain function properly.

Just eating some wild salmon once a week would improve brain power, and that’s simply by eating.

If you have trouble getting nutrients from whole food, a set of the best brain supplements will do, but learn the pros and cons first.


Following at least one of these odd tips is going to improve how your brain works, and your intelligence in general.

Pick and choose your favorites or even try to accomplish every single one of them; before too long you will quickly start to see the benefits for them!

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