Massage Therapy

Massage therapy plays an important role in releasing tension.

Not only does it feel good, but more importantly a simple massage done by a trained massage therapist can dramatically improve your physical and mental health.

Below are some of the benefits of massage therapy and how it can add years to your life.

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1. Reduces tightness in your muscles

Muscle tension can be the result of poor posture, an intense workout routine, or the general stresses that can happen in daily life.

Getting a regular massage from a professional massage therapist can release the tension in your muscles, improving not only muscle tension but also your mood.

2. Relieves muscle pain

Overdoing it at the gym can leave your muscles feeling achy and uncomfortable.

While it’s easy to just reach for the pain meds, the skills of a massage therapist will be much more beneficial in the long run.

Massaging is a safe method used to reduce the discomfort of muscle pain. You can also find great massage centers like “Armonia” and get relaxed completely.

3. Improves circulation

While massaging can make your body feel more relaxed, massage therapy can also promote better circulation. Improved circulation means less opportunity for fluid buildup and general fatigue.

4. Enhances sleep quality

Stress is the number one cause of sleep deprivation since it interferes with your body’s chemistry.

Every time you get a massage, your body reduces the number of stress hormones it produces, which in turn allows you to get more high-quality sleep.

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5. Relieves Stress

Nobody is free of stress and it’s a known fact that stress causes various physical and mental health issues due to increased levels of a particular hormone, activating your fight-or-flight instincts.

In the long run, these changes can cause permanent damage and be detrimental to your overall health.

Receiving a full body massage can easily balance a person’s body chemistry if done correctly by a professional massage therapist.

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6. Improves joint movement

More and more people are spending eight hours and more seated in front of a computer screen.

Both aging and spending a lot of time stuck in the same position can lead to joints stiffening up. To help the body produce natural lubricants it’s advised to take regular breaks and get a regular massage.

That is if you want your body to remain flexible and in good working condition.

7. Speeds up the healing process of damaged soft tissue

It can take a while to recover from muscle injury but massage therapy can prove to be beneficial when it comes to the healing process.

Regular massages can decrease the time it takes for muscles to heal after injury.

Together with normal physical therapy, massaging can be used to increase blood flow, loosen scar tissue and lessen joint swelling.

8. Lower blood pressure

When you get a massage, it improves the circulation of lymphatic fluids in your body.

Notes David from, these fluids are vital when it comes to getting rid of metabolic waste from the organs and muscles.

Increased lymphatic fluids equal lower blood pressure.

9. Boosts mental awareness

While it might seem counterintuitive to obtain mental awareness from an activity that’s supposed to relax you, massage therapy can lead to clarity of the mind.

Since stress, insomnia, and fatigue can lead to decreased cognitive performance, a good massage can get rid of them all, thus sharpening your decision-making skills and increasing mental alertness.

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10. Advances in immune function

The immune system is your body’s built-in defense system.

Elevated stress levels and fatigue can lower its performance and functionality but with regular massage therapy, it can increase the type of cells needed to increase your body’s ability to combat infections and diseases.

How often should you receive a massage?

Your situation will direct how often you need to go for a massage treatment. When dealing with the stresses of everyday life, once a month might be sufficient.

If you’re recovering from a muscle injury or have chronic pain, weekly or bi-weekly sessions will be needed.

While the benefits mentioned above are more than enough reason to add massage therapy to your regular regime, the fact that it leaves you feeling absolutely great is an added bonus.

The combination of human touch and the release of stress hormones from the body is an excellent solution when dealing with the issue of loneliness and isolation as well as the stresses people experience in their daily life.

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