Nobody likes a clogged toilet – it’s messy, takes away the beauty of your beautiful bathroom and above all else, it tends to smell. Fixing your toilet quickly and efficiently is a priority when it lets you down.

For many salvation lies with their plumber as they can come, unclog it and drive away. But plumbers can take time especially if they are with other customers and charge a huge call out fees. This means you might have to wait longer for a clogged toilet which we all know you don’t want.

So to help yourself, you can use different DIY techniques to unclog your toilet. In more than 90% cases, clogged toilets don’t really need a lot of effort as they can be unclogged using your old friend “the plunger” and flushing it few times.

However, if this doesn’t help, you can use dish soap or shampoo along with hot water to unclog your toilet. Basically, you will be pouring the dish soap into the toilet and let it work for 25-30 minutes before you can add hot water to unclog the toilet.  The dish soap works as a lubricant and helps push everything down.

There are many another simple yet effective unclogging techniques that you can try yourself. Here are some of the best listed in this infographic by Legendary Home Services.

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6 Ways to Unclog a Toilet

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