A peaceful slumber is every parent’s dream for their baby. Better still, a peaceful and safe slumber will keep you at peace, allowing you a good night’s sleep as well. Achieving these two goals can, however, be tricky.

Baby Sleep Sack

The good news is that it is possible to reach these seemingly elusive goals using a baby sleep sack. Below we delve into this useful “sleeping tool”, when you should begin to use it, and why you should begin to use it.

What is a baby sleep sack?

Also known simply as a sleep sack, this “sleeping tool” can be seen as a “wearable blanket.” The top part is very similar to a vest. It does not cover the baby’s arms and head, though. The bottom part is very similar to a sleeping bag, and it zips up in the front.

When should start using the sleep sack?

When a baby is born, their sleep pattern is characterized by startle reflex (Moro reflex). It happens as soon as the baby begins to fall asleep. The body just suddenly jumps. This is the Moro reflex. The baby feels like they are falling. They wake up and of course, start crying. Now you know what to call it. It has nothing to do with the baby fighting sleep.

sleep sack

It is in this light that for the first 3 months, it is advisable to swaddle your baby. After the third month, the startle reflex stage is over. The baby has a wider range of motion. In fact, the swaddle becomes uncomfortable and will wake the baby up. This is where the sleep sack comes in.

Why use the sleep sack?

We already have the first answer. Simply because your baby has grown, has a higher range of motion, and thus needs more space and comfort. Let’s look at more reasons why the “baby sleeping bag” is a must have for every parent:

sleep sack

  1. It helps the baby to sleep throughout the night

The wearable blanket provides just the right temperature, a snug fit and a cozy feeling that keeps the baby warm and comfortable all night long. The baby is less likely to fight sleep when they are this cozy. The sleep sack allows the child to sleep comfortably, without being disturbed by undone sheets and blankets.

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  1. It is safe

If you may have noted, this far, we have not recommended using baby blankets. While a made up bed has this classic and neat look, it is a death trap, literally for your baby.

According to the SIDS Alliance, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), is what contributes to most of the deaths among infants that are 1 month to 1 year old. Babies that sleep with blankets in their cribs are 5 times more likely to die from SIDS when compared to those that do not.

Healthcare professionals, therefore, recommend that the baby’s crib should be free from bedding, bumpers, soft material or stuffed animals. Essentially, all you need in your baby’s crib is a bed, the baby, and what he is wearing. The only bedding that could be necessary is a fitted sheet. Anything else that is close to a cover, blanket or quilt is only a threat to the baby’s safety. If you need to learn how to get baby to sleep in a crib, these 15 ways to get your baby to sleep in the crib are for you.

Bedding and other things in the baby’s bed will easily cover your baby’s face, resulting in suffocation. They could also cause re-breathing (breathing the same air over and over). This increases the risk of carbon dioxide intake, resulting in SIDS.

  1. Keeps the baby warm, just at the right temperature

If you use a blanket to cover your baby, chances are that they will kick it loose, and wake up cold. If you are co-sleeping, the blankets or duvet may become too hot for the baby. The baby may also slide down the blankets which could cause the above-discussed problems (SIDS, suffocation, and re-breathing.)

The baby will not kick the baby sleep sack off. You will not need to keep checking to ensure that your baby is warm. The wearable blanket will keep the baby warm, just at the right temperature. Your baby will not wake up because they are either too hot or cold. The right temperature also helps to keep SIDS at bay.

  1.   No need to undo the bag to feed or soothe or feed the baby

The child can stay right inside the baby sleeping bag as you feed or soothe them. This way, she does not completely wake up.

  1. It forms a great part of the sleeping or nap routine

The sleep sack is an easy way to communicate to the child that sleeping time is near. It helps the baby learn how to self-soothe as she dozes off. You can then put her in the crib. She will not get startled and wake up.

All in All

A baby sleep sack, as we have seen is a great sleeping tool. It not only solves the problem of the baby fighting sleep but has other benefits like safety, warmth, and comfort.

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