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Whether you are a student or a working professional, bags are an important part of our modern daily lifestyle.

Bags make portability easy for carrying things from one place to another safely. Not only for traveling purposes, but when you carry a bag, you send character messages with the type of bag you carry.

Having the best quality leather bag with any other leather product such as wallets/purses or even a GritLeather phone cases can never go out of style and are in fashion forever.

Although there are big differences between the leather bags produced on a large scale and the handcrafted ones, as a customer, we often miss recognizing the differences between the two variants; there are various aspects that define the best quality of your leather bags.

This article will highlight the key points that must be considered before you pull your wallet for the purchase. 

1. Type of Leather used

There are a variety of leathers available in the market, and the prices depend on the quality factors. Like you opt for a leather jacket or shoes, you want to choose a full-grain leather bag.

This top-quality leather gives more premium looks even after using it for years and years. The best leather products develop an attractive patina – a natural look that enhances with aging.

It is always an ideal choice to avoid bags or accessories made from bonded leather. The reason behind such leather is that these bags are made with scrap materials of leather mixed with plastics and chemicals to enhance the natural shine. 

2. Color

Usually, leather bags come in four different colors in different environments, namely black, dark brown, light brown, and tan.

Working professionals prefer dark brown and Black colors as they represent a sign of authority and power, while tan and light brown is for a more casual and relaxed working atmosphere.

Bags made with double tone colored leather or stitched using light or contrast color thread should be avoided as these bags portray a striking look, a single colored leather bag, and stitching is ideally the best fit.

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3. Durability

Third, one of the most important aspects that defines the best quality of leather bags is the durability and quality of the leather.

Good quality leather is naturally durable irrespective of whether it is treated or not. It will withstand all weather conditions as well as regular wear and tear.

Bags made from full-grain leather are most durable to hold a certain weight and move around without it getting weak at all, but with time, many counterfeit leather bags have made their way into the market.

These leather bags will show certain changes in the quality and look after using them for a couple of months. Out of these, top-grain leather is considered a more affordable alternative.

 4. Tanning Process

The leather used for preparing leather bags or in grip leather phone cases and LMC phone holder prepared the same way. These leathers have comprehensive differences in their tanning processes, classified into chrome and vegetable tanning(differ in prices).

Chrome tanned leather is operated using chromium which takes nearly a couple of days for production and is cheap enough.

These tanned leather products are found about 90% in the market, while the vegetable-tanned leather is made organically and uses eco-friendly techniques, unlike chrome leather products. Vegetable-tanned leather bags, phone cases, or other products are comparatively high in price. 

5. Unique and Origin

Having leather bags

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Unlike any other material used for bags, leather is not a textile material; rather, having leather bags or leather products is the owner’s complete choice and desire.

Any other material bags lack the unique factor that leather possesses: looks and appearance over time.

Good quality leather products always retain their presence whereas any other material or even chromium leather ages out with time and lose its original shape.

Another significant aspect that defines the best quality of the leather bags or LMC phone holder, etc., is the origin of the leather.

Some countries constantly produce quality leather, such as the US, England, France, etc. these countries have a record of premium leather supply well-tanned. 

Final words

So the above mentioned are some of the significant aspects defining the quality of leather and its products. Price is not always the sole factor in leather and the quality of products made from leather.

Perhaps, the price of any leather product is much higher than any other material used for manufacturing bags or mobile cases and other accessories; it is also essential to have a brief idea and knowledge on which type of leather you are spending your money on and what is the product you are getting in return.

About The Author:

Michael Anders is a writer with 5 years of experience in the publishing industry, with expertise in logistics and in the international shipping process. He brings years of experience to his current role where he is dedicated to educating the world.

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