Marble Bath Basins

It is one thing to enjoy a hot relaxing shower at the end of the day but it can never match up to soaking in a warm luxurious bubble bath. There is something special and soothing about lying down in a warm tub with tingling bath salts and fragrances filling the room.

The ultimate bath experience, however, is when you are laying neck-deep in a specially crafted marble bath basin. The smooth stone basin traps in the heat letting you enjoy an experience like no other. This kind of tub is best used at the end of a long day when you have nowhere else to go and can enjoy a long uninterrupted therapeutic bath.

In this article, we explore some of the benefits a marble bath basin has to offer.

1. Aesthetic Value

Marble bath basins are usually built to stand on their own without supporting the claws of legs. The weight of the natural stone supports itself giving it an iconic façade in your bathroom. The typical smooth finish of polished marble gives your bath basin a touch of unmatched elegance. Moreover, since marble is a natural stone, the designs and patterns on your basin are unique. In addition, a marble basin gives your bathroom seamless continuity if you use marble tiles for the floor.

2. Easy to clean

Marble stone has a smooth outer finish that makes it easy to clean. Marble does not stain easily and if it gets soiled, the dirt can be wiped off easily. The smooth glossy finish makes it easy to spot and attend to any dirt. However, you may need to wipe it down regularly to keep scum from accumulating on the inner walls of the basin.

3. Thermal Conductivity

Marble has been famed for its ability to conduct and retain heat. The marble can absorb and retain the heat from your bath water and keep the base of the basin warm. This gives you a warm sensation as you rest your body in contact with the marble basin. Since the wall of your marble bath basin is thick, it will take a long while for the heat to dissipate. This means that it may take a little longer than usual for your bath to begin cooling down.

4. Durability and Stability

Marble is a durable stone that is formed under intense pressure and heat over a long period of time. Moreover, most of the marble basins are designed with a heavy bottom so that it cannot topple over no matter who is using it. The marble bath basin is a long-term investment that you can enjoy for several years to come. (See also: Reasons Why You Should Look into Your Bathroom Safety)

5. Resale Value

It goes without saying that installing marble features in your home can raise its resale value. If you ever decide to move out, the marble basins can give your house a competitive edge in the real estate market. A house with attractive furnishing can turn a good profit as people compete to buy it.

While marble bath basins have so many benefits, they don’t come without challenges. The marble bath basins can be costly and require experts to install them. This can eat well into your budget if you are not careful. However, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks of using marble for your basin. You can accentuate your home by installing smaller marble basins instead of the conventional sinks.

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