Best Outdoor Games To Play In Your Garden

When you have a garden in your own house and you have got a few games on your mind to play out there then what’s there to worry about?

Just plan a weekend activity with your friends and get going! Games are the actual fun, especially backyard games. And they are also a source of healthy activities in today’s world when we have got no spare time for our family and friends and our dearest smartphones.

Resultantly, we know how important physical activity is for both children and adults.

Here we have compiled the best 5 games that you can play in your garden with your family and friends and make your day a wonderful one while spending quality time with them.

This article provides some easy, do-it-yourself game suggestions, and some that require some equipment and preparation too.

But, whichever game or activity you choose, we ensure you will have more fun in your garden than ever before!

1. Paintball:


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Paintball is a quite thrilling outdoor game especially to play with your friends and cousins to have loads of fun. The game is solely made for those who are quite enthusiastic about hunting for the thrill.

You must be thinking what is it actually, obviously if you haven’t played it before. As the name says it all, the game basically involves balls filled with water-soluble paints that you have to aim at your opponent team. The balls burst upon hitting as an impact and that player is out of the game.

To play paintball, you would not require any heavy and expensive stuff to start with. You would need only three things and you are ready to go.

Those three things include ammunition that is the paintball filled with water-soluble paint.

Secondly, you will need a weapon, that is a gun that tosses the ball at your aim. The gun is made of a high-pressure CO2 tank that hurls the ball towards your aim.

And the third thing is the protective gear, the mask, etc. You will definitely enjoy it and will be wishing to play it once more with your friends.

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2. Croquet:


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Croquet is also one of the most enjoyable games that you can play and have a good time even at your place.  But only if you have your own backyard or garden.

Players of this enjoyable lawn game have to do this: they attempt to hit colored wood or plastic balls through wires, which are named as “wickets,” through curved metal hoops in a set sequence and course.

It is played usually on a grass field and requires players that are even in numbers.  And the player who wraps up the course first wins the game. This game is quite an entertainment itself. You will need the wooden balls and croquet mallets to play this game.

3. Tennis:


Image: Pixabay

Tennis is an outdoor game that all of you must have played at least once in your life. This game is simple to play and understand and most of us regularly watch tennis too.

So it stands firm in our hearts and we are always ready to play. This is a sport that you can avail of in your backyard too and doesn’t require extra effort to manage things.

Tennis is a racket sport that can be played individually against a single opponent or between two teams of two players each.

In this, Each player uses a tennis racket that is threaded with cord to strike a hollow rubber ball covered. The ball is struck by both the opponents towards each other and they don’t have to let it hit the ground.

Once the ball hits the ground or Is missed by the player in any one of the opponent’s area, that player or team loses. You only need one or two rubber balls, a pair of rackets and a net to make enclosures for the players.

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4. Volleyball:



Volleyball is one of the best games when you have got a group of friends and a whole family gathering. This outdoor game requires two teams of equal members and a lot of people to be in a house.

In Volleyball, there are two teams, usually of six players on a side, in which the participants use their hands to hit the ball back and forth over a high net, trying to make the ball touch the court within the opponents’ playing area before it can be returned.

It is similar to tennis but here you are a team, and a volleyball is just the size of a football, and you have to hit it by your hands.

The team that scores twenty-five points first wins a set and a match of volleyball consists of either winning best in five or best in three sets. The only items you need to play this game are a volleyball, and a net to separate the areas of the teams.

5. Cornhole:



Cornhole, also known as bean bag toss or Baggo in some areas. It’s a lovely outdoor game which is a bit similar to horseshoes.

This game can be played by either doubles or singles in a team. For this game, you need two boards, two sets of bags which have four bags in each and usually of different colors and players must be two till eight.

Every player throws four bags, alternating between each throw which each team has turns.

A player must deliver the bag from either the left or right pitcher’s box, and reside in that assigned pitcher’s box for the duration of the game in doubles or if you are playing as crew. However, in the crew, each player will only throw 2 bags.

These outdoor games are worth spending your time alone and with your phones. When you have friends at your house or you are having a party at your place, you can use your garden for such fun-filled thrilling games.

These games will have you yearning for another round. Try these and spend the most exciting time with your loved ones in your own gardens.

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