Maintaining Your Gardening Tools

Prioritizing the care and maintenance of your gardening tools will help them last through the seasons to come.

As a result, you’ll create a sustainable gardening practice that’s better for the environment and keep your budget low.

Tool care should take place both seasonally and after every use. Here are some simple tips for maintaining your gardening tools.

1. Create a Smart Storage System

One of the easiest things that you can do to keep your tools safe and well-maintained is to store them properly.

Adding some hooks to the wall of the shed can help keep tools put away so that they are moisture-free and don’t get stepped on.

Small tools can be wrapped up at the end of the season and stored in totes if necessary or placed in a metal bucket with sand to keep the edges sharp.

For a quick fix, add a piece of wood between studs in the shed or basement to create a makeshift storage pod for shovels, rakes, etc.

2. Rinse off Dirt and Mud After Each Use

Don’t put your tools away dirty after using them to tend to your garden. The specialists from Easy Digging recommend taking the time to rinse off excess dirt with a hose, using a wire brush if needed.

Feel free to use warm soapy water to ensure that everything is spic-and-span.

3. Keep Tools Dry

Keeping your tools dry will prevent rusting over time and protect the integrity of the tool.

While it might not seem like a big deal to have to replace a garden spade every now and then, larger tools like rototillers and seeders can be a significant investment.

After you rinse off your tools, pat them dry with a rag. Hanging them will also help ensure that extra moisture drips away.

Schedule time each season to ensure that your shed is leak-free and well protected against moisture.

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4. Disinfect Tools Exposed to Rot

Disinfect Tools Exposed to Rot

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, things go wrong in the garden.

If you use your tools to dig up diseased plants, pest-infected plants, or rotten roots, give your tools and extra wash with disinfectant.

Otherwise, you risk transferring that disease or rot to your healthy plants.

Mix a bucket of hot water with bleach and soak your tools. Rinse them with clean, cool water and pat them dry.

To be extra cautious, you can rub them with rubbing alcohol and then rinse them again.

5. Sharpen and Oil Tools Seasonally

When it comes time to put your tools away for the season, give them some extra TLC.

Sharpen those tools that require it, such as pruning shears, and oil the hinges and screws.

Be sure to get metal-safe oil, as natural oils can sometimes ferment and cause damage.

If you have wooden-handled tools, take time to sand off any splinters and oil the wood.

Wipe off excess oil before storing them, and ensure that they’re kept in a moisture-free environment.

Maintaining your gardening tools is a low-effort activity that yields long-term results.

Protect your investment and take care of your tools so that you’re ready to keep gardening when spring rolls around.

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