So many of us look for relaxation techniques that work and make falling asleep more natural and smoother. Sleeping becomes a challenge during those hot summer nights. Some look for the best cooling pillow or sheet, while others try to breathe and count backward.

Our capacity to relax is regularly diminished by daily stress, extra-activities you need to handle, family concerns or plans and even your oscillatory motivation. We hug the pillow and hope it ensures a restful sleep. Cooling pillows can be reliable – if you know how to find and use it. Are you aware of how the best cooling pillow can influence your sleep quality?

Best Cooling Pillow

Choosing a Cooling Pillow

Before we begin, let’s discover how to find a cooling pillow that suits your sleeping style and the area you live in. Hot states such as Florida, Louisiana, Texas or Oklahoma sometimes raise resting problems for many, so purchasing such a pillow becomes a necessity rather than a choice. But what to choose from the available products?

Many pillows come in contour, standard or memory tech versions that adjust to your sleeping style. Another criterion to consider is how users see a product after they’ve owned it for a while. The best cooling pillow is SleepBetter Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow, and you can find it reviewed on Today Best Reviews. Other than that, some of the best cooling pillow types are:

  • Gel or memory foam pillows contour the head, neck, and shoulders to provide a comfortable sleep. Most of them adjust to the outside temperature to offer higher comfort rather than an abrupt cooling feel. The gel layer absorbs the heat from your body while keeping the pillow fresh and optimized. These pillows use physics of conduction to cool your body.
  • Water-based pillows also contain a layer of foam, gel or polyester. The water layer is inside these, protected by a shield. Water has cooling abilities that are then sent to other layers to increase their capacity.
  • Breathable pillows allow air to flow through the fill and diffuse moisture throughout the pillow’s surface. Sweat then evaporates and cools down your body.
  • Phase-change pillows are combinations of cooling gels and/or memory foam or water. They combine cooling technologies with air flow to ensure cool bursts during the night.

For the purpose of this article, we would like to mention that regular feather pillows are called down products, while their eco-friendly alternatives are buckwheat pillows. Such products use organic materials which might turn heavy, although they usually retain heat. Other eco-friendly alternatives are microbead pillows, made of polystyrene.

Benefits of the Best Cooling Pillows

A cooling pillow helps you fall asleep quicker than usual. Changing sleeping positions and sides during sleep is minimized, as comfort increases. As you fall asleep faster, you also reduce your activity during your sleep. Some such products are also helpful for insomnia patients.

A cool sleeping environment and a relaxed body help you rest during sleep. If you also follow a bedtime routine, you will feel more energic and youthful. By sleeping well, you minimize the risk to gain aged face marks and a distressed overall look.

You gain health benefits from a sound sleep as you avoid certain metabolic diseases. Your mental health is also protected in many ways. Contemporary medical science promotes regular sound sleep, and pillow manufacturers consider recommendations.

How to Relax Next to Your Cooling Pillow

  1. Hold a journal. Whenever you lay in bed wishing to fall asleep, thoughts appear into your mind. This is natural – the brain is still on alert and didn’t catch the quick turn to rest mode. You may think about what you need to do the next day or what you forgot to make today. Lay in bed for a few minutes next to a pen and a journal. Write down everything that crosses your mind. You can read the paper in the next morning. However, by transferring the thoughts to the document, you also eliminate the fear that you might forget them.
  2. Get into the sleep mindset. It may come hard to relax your mind when body muscles are tense, and you’re so tired that you’re forcing yourself to fall asleep. Some even force themselves to relax and fail to do so, because relaxation is not an abstract concept. Instead of thinking about landscapes, try to focus on what you feel. Are the bed sheets soft and a bit chilly? Is the pillow comfortable? Acknowledge everything you touch and experiment by changing position.
  3. Count backward. Alternate the above technique with a backward count from 60. Counting backward gives you a purpose and draws a finish line on your activity. Even if you don’t fall asleep from the first try, pause for a few minutes and count again.

Hand Lighting Candle

Your Relaxation Setting

The best way to enjoy relaxation is to create a high-potential setting. Dress in your favorite sleeping gown and notice your bedroom.

  1. Don’t use your TV or smartphone before bed. According to a study, binge-watching movies or TV shows is directly connected with bad quality sleep and insomnia. Avoid watching TV or scrolling on your phone at least 30 minutes before going to bed. If necessary, remove the TV from your bedroom.
  2. Adjust the bedroom temperature. The temperature of your bedroom can be adjusted a few hours before you go to sleep. If you won an air conditioning system, set it to the right temperature and close it before you rest.
  3. Try some aromatherapy. Lavender, chamomile, and vanilla are some of the scents that relax your brand and promote sleep. Light a candle using one of the above scents or even your favorite. However, you should research about some scents before using them to avoid any risk of energy level increase.


As we’ve stated above, finding the best cooling pillow is easy once you determine your needs. Using it can also be a delight if you create a relaxing environment in your bedroom.

Cooling pillows are usually compact enough for easy road trip transportation. You don’t need to leave a comfortable pillow home if you have trouble sleeping while you’re away. Get a cooling pillow and use it to make sleep restful!

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