CBD Benefits For Athletes

Early to bed, early to rise sure make you healthy, wealthy and wise. But fitness can only be achieved through exercise.

Being fit doesn’t require you to work out for several hours a day –  rather, you only need some regular exercise and healthy eating habits. However, some of us really need to work out for several hours a day to stay in top shape!

With all the stresses that an athlete has to go through, a little boost in physical abilities is always welcome. Ever since medical use of cannabis products was legalized, many products have entered the market claiming to be able to give you all the effects of marijuana without getting you high.

But since random drug testing became a norm in the sporting world, one cannot risk consuming illegal substances, lest it sabotages their career or even destroys it for good. There is a general lack of awareness about medical cannabis products, and many people go out of their way to avoid all cannabis products entirely, thanks to several misbeliefs and misconceptions associated with this subject.

You can find solutions for many frequently asked questions – “what is CBD Oil?” or “what really CBD oil contain?”, or “will I get high?” or “is it approved by the FDA?”.

In order to clear the air around the subject, we’ll answer some of these key questions and give you clarity.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 104 chemical composites found in the cannabis or marijuana plant. It is a naturally-occurring constituent of industrial hemp plants and has several health benefits.

Will I get high if I consume CBD Oil?

No, not at all! Although CBD comes from the same plant that gets you high, it is a non-psychoactive compound. This means that you cannot experience any of the intoxicating effects that are commonly felt when stoned or high when you consume CBD oil.

Is it illegal to consume CBD Oil?

Unfortunately for haters, no. The CBD compound itself is legal in most states, while hemp-derived CBD is legal in all states.

There may be a few vendors that do not make their oil right, so make sure that you only purchase CBD oil which is third-party or lab-tested. This is usually done for quality assurance so that you get CBD containing THC below 0.3 %. Since the FDA does not regulate CBD, it is crucial to get CBD oil with as less THC concentration as possible.

How can CBD Oil help an Athlete?

Since cannabis legalization has become a highly discussed topic, CBD has been garnering more and more interest in the sporting world. The potential advantages it can give to an athlete include a drastic reduction in inflammation, less anxiety, faster healing time, higher metabolic rate and better appetite.

There are some dedicated brands which work exclusively well for Athletes. Before buying it, just go through the Best CBD Oils for Athletes list and choose the required one.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits associated with CBD for Athlete!

Increased Energy Levels

CBD binds to certain receptors in your brain that cause a power boost in an individual. You can consume it before your training session for more efficient training. With CBD oil, you can have better stamina and maintain high energy levels for longer periods of time with fatigue.

Reduced Inflammation and Soreness

One of the most common issues for any athlete is backache. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and can give long-lasting relief from conditions like muscle cramps, inflamed ligaments, swollen joints, and muscle soreness. As it is an analgesic, it serves to relieve pain both during and after training.

Reduced Stress & Anxiety

CBD is known to aid in relaxation, thus making it alternative treatment for anxiety than most pills. It directly binds to receptors in the human body that are responsible for responding to stress.

Helps Manage Diet

CBD boost your metabolism and makes your body more efficient in breaking down the food you eat. This reduces your requirement for the quantity of food. It also lowers hunger levels, which means you can train for longer periods without starving yourself. Apart from this, it also better the body’s ability to burn fats and maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI).

Most common methods of CBD Consumption

CBD Consumption

Pills –  Consuming CBD in pill form is the best way to keep track of dosage.

Vaping Oils – Vaping has been proved to be lesser traumatic and is suitable for those who have trouble swallowing pills. The liquid CBD can be inhaled through an e-cigarette or a vaporizer.

Topical Creams – You can apply CBD cream over affected areas to treat sore muscles and get long-lasting relief from cramps and pain.


CBD can help athletes from any sport perform better and longer, whether it is something physical like baseball or something mental like chess. If sourced from the right places and used regularly of a long period of time, CBD can give an athlete the freedom and confidence to fully commit to their training, push their mind and body’s limits, recover from fatigue better and heal injuries faster.

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