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South Korea has provided several contributions to the world with products like Missha. These include K-pop (Korean pop) music, exceptional cuisine, unique fashion trends, and beauty industry that has dominated the world by storm. In the case of the latter, the country has been known to start multiple trends that were not only popular in their country but has also inspired other people and companies in the west.

As well as the infamous 10-step skin care regimen that cleanses, hydrates, and protects the skin from various factors. As time went on, many people have taken note of Korean skin care products and noticed how many of them can be found in most stores around the world. To understand why Korean skin care products are so popular, here are some features that make them stand out:

1. They utilize natural ingredients

Most skin care product lines feature artificial ingredients that can age and dry the skin out such as preservatives and other forms of parabens. However, as time went on, South Korea has made it a point to shift their research towards using natural ingredients instead to help provide healthier options.

As of 2019, multiple products from the country feature key ingredients like herbs, teas, fruits, and even animal byproducts like snail mucin and bee venom. While it may be a shock at first, you’ll be surprised to see how effective they can be! (See also: Everything You Should Know About Natural Skin Care)

2. They offer creative and innovative features

Many of their skin care products are packaged and marketed with handy accessories and applicators that make it easy for users to apply to their skin. One example is how their sheet masks are packaged in affordable pouches that include slits and openings that match the contour of a person’s face.

Another example is how certain cleansers also include a facial brush that helps massage the product deep within the skin for better absorption. All of which makes it easier for first-time users and for those who are looking for practicality. What also makes it a winner in people’s eyes is that various Korean beauty products are more affordable compared to their western counterparts!

3. They emphasize prevention

South Koreans believe that skin care should be an investment that a person starts as early as children. With countless pollutants, stressors, and other factors that could affect our skin’s health, it is important that everyone learn to take better care of themselves. This includes applying SPF religiously, sleeping at a designated hour, and starting an anti-aging regimen as early as your 20s. Considering that this belief is ingrained in their culture, it’s no wonder why so many Korean women have luminous skin. (See also: 10 Skincare Tips To Protect Your Skin From Tag)

4. They make it fun

Other than creative packaging and unique applicators, South Korea has also made an investment in making sure skincare should be seen as a fun venture you can do in your spare time instead of a measly chore. To achieve this goal, many companies incorporate attractive scents in the formulas, fun characters on their packaging, and feature unique bottles that enable consumers to actually look forward to their nightly skin care routine instead of neglecting their health.

5. They promote self-love

The reason why so many people like South Korean skin care products is because of the message they provide. Various beauty bloggers, experts, and industry professionals all emphasize on what skin care is and why a person should care. This includes taking pride in one’s appearance and addressing preventable issues that could lead to serious complications.

What also makes the country stand out is their stance on self-love. In Korea, people who generally put an effort in their appearance are seen as beautiful because of the amount of self-respect they give to themselves. This shows bravery and courage because regardless of how rich or poor you are; you still take the time to value and invest in yourself.


With all these features in mind, it’s not hard to see why South Korean beauty products continue to appeal to a wide range of people. However, what really makes them popular is that not only do women in their 20s and 30s can benefit from their products, but men and younger children as well.

As a country that believes skincare is for everyone, it can be quite revolutionary for foreigners to see gender and age stereotypes being broken down in favor of health. With several products now readily available, it’s safe to assume that we can expect great things from the country in 2019 and onwards.

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