We have all been victims of common household accidents. Some have passed with a minor, but some have resulted in major injuries. You don’t have the time to think in advance how to prevent them. That’s why we are here to help you prepare in advance.

Did you know what falls are the number 1 cause of non-fatal injuries among children? Falling is also present among elder citizens. (See also: Different Types Of Personal Injuries and How They Can Occur)

Let’s find out how we can prevent them.

1. Stay away from dangerous playgrounds

Playgrounds are children’s favorite places but they are also one of the most dangerous ones. They are filled with swings and slides but with a little bit of not paying attention, kiddie play can become a sob party. Be on the lookout for playgrounds that are well designed with good materials. Avoid playgrounds with rusty metals.

Stay away from dangerous playgrounds

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2. Glue rugs in place

Every one of us has tripped from a rug, regardless of the size and design. That’s why to take some ducktape and tape it underneath to the floor. That way you can make sure you or your guests won’t have an unpleasant accident.

3. Get rid of clutter

Clutter is not only bad for your environment, but it’s also bad for your mental health. Once you get something out your closet, make sure you put it back. Even if something falls on the floor, take it and place it to its rightful place. That way you can avoid tripping over stuff you don’t or do need.

Get rid of clutter

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4. Get better lighting

Sometimes we are too lazy to turn on the switch and we end up falling and injuring ourselves because of poor lighting. Get your place well lit and have some lamps around. It does wonders for the decorum as well.

5. Keep cords and cables at bay

There are amazing solutions out there on how to hide annoying cords and cables. With all of the technology we have today, it’s impossible to avoid them. But now, with cheap products on the market, you can easily make them disappear without tripping over them. It’s a lifesaver for sure!

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6. Change mats

Bathrooms are wet and when the floor is wet, you fall and get hurt. To avoid that, switch to slip-free mats. There are so many designs and sizes on the market right now, some even come at amazingly affordable prices. Just choose what the right fit would be for your style and taste.

Change mats

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7. Use protection when working

When you’re working with home improvement, whether it’s fixing your lightbulb, nailing etc. make sure you have the protective equipment. With having the proper protection, you can easily manage those pesky tasks without a scratch.

Use protection when working

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Accidents can happen. That’s why it’s important to make sure we avoid them in the best way possible.

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